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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Notice...The Great Railway Run - Sun 11th Nov 2012

The first Great Railway Run will take place on Sunday, 11th November 2012. There are a choice of two distances.......25 kms from Cork City to Carrigaline.....or 10 kms from Monkstown to Carrigaline.

The run will roughly follow the route of the old Cork, Blackrock and Passage Railway which ran from 1850 until 1932.

The 25k run will start at 12:30pm from the Albert Road area of Cork city which was the site of the original railway terminus. For a large part of the run, the route will follow the old railway line that skirts the shores of Cork Harbour. The total distance is 25 km and it can be run by an individual or a relay team of two; one doing 15K and one doing 10K. The relay handover point will be in Monkstown. The race will finish at Carrigaline GAA Club. Water stations will be provided en route at intervals of approximately 5K. Shower facilities will be available in the GAA Club after the race. The 25k starts at 12:30pm.

A 10K run/walk will be held on the same day along the latter part of the same route with a separate start in Monkstown at 1pm and also finishing at Carrigaline GAA Club.

The entry fee is €45 for the 25K (individual or relay) and €15 for the 10K. All proceeds from the event will go towards local charities including funding a new Youth Centre in Carrigaline and ongoing funding for the Heartsafe Project.

The entry fee includes transport if required for runners from Carrigaline to Cork before and after the race. The first 500 entrants will receive a technical T-shirt and a medal on completion of the race.

More details on the event website.

Prize Categories...Prizes will consist of vouchers and running gear. Prizes will be given in the following categories:

Men 1st,2nd,3rd Overall
Men 1st,2nd,3rd in age groups O40, O50, O60, O70
Women 1st,2nd,3rd Overall
Women 1st,2nd,3rd in age groups O40, O50, O60, O70

Men 1st,2nd,3rd Overall
Women 1st,2nd,3rd Overall

1st, 2nd Overall
Best husband/wife relay team

Preview closer to the date...


Anonymous said...

€45 for an individual entry in the 25k is excessive and would put me off this event despite the fact that its a fundraiser and the route would be nice.
They could have perhaps saved on the entry fee by leaving out the medal/t-shirt or even both.

Anonymous said...

Again, €45 is just too expensive. I know all proceeds go to a good cause but to the punter it's another hefty price for a local race. I more fair price for me would be €30 max and ditch the goody bag etc.

Conor Phelan said...

The organisers have already taken this on board and are committed to reviewing this for next year. There is an option to do 10K for €15 with T-shirt and medal if you want some value... The point is well made.

Anonymous said...

Agree - no chance of entering at that price - but best of luck to what should be a very enjoyable event

Anonymous said...

I agree its a little expensive, but its for a good cause and its the first year it has been run, therefore, I feel that it will probably be cheaper next year. And if U don't like it, don't run it, and stop complaining. Plus, the Dublin marathon is local to Dubliners, yet that is as expensive as 90euro nearer the start date, ditch the medals and tshirts for that and there would be uproar.

Anonymous said...

Why only the first 500 get a medal and tshirt so if im entry 501 I pay the same fee but get nothing

Gerard said...

@Annymous10.45, people are entitled to voice opinions as to the cost and clearly if the organisers are taking it on board, then those who have complained have done good for us all ! You may consider € 45 very little, but may runners feel they are being priced out of many events.
Clubs can run similar events for far less money and still raise revenue. Good luck to all doing it.

Unknown said...

I have to commend running forums like this one. I got a great underarmour teeshirt last summer after Cork marathon. because of complaints over the crappy cotton teeshirts on a forum like this.The Dublin matathon has steadily got worse and worse with their teeshirts. people who source them obvisouly dont wear them. I know this is a little bit off point but I suppose it is proof that people will learn from the runners. 45 for a 25 k is way too rich and unfortunatly could end up being a flop because of over zealous pricing. I would have like to go do this but I wouldnt be able to justify it. hopefully next year.