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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Comments on the Ballycotton '10' Entry Procedure...

Just following on from the Ballycotton '10' entry procedure which I put up a few days ago, a number of people have asked several questions.....

"don’t forget to enclose a large envelope with the correct postage"........What is the correct postage from someone posting in Ireland ? 55cents ?

Do you have a better chance by using postal system or are both methods the same?

John, I am an AAI member & I ran all 4 races in the summer series, would the organisers prefer if I waited till the last phase before I submit my entry form or will I just send in the form in early December? I'll do whatever makes life easier on the volunteers

I did all 4 of the summer series and want to enter. For (c) do I need to wait for the pdf form, or can I send in an application before that?

So first off, we'll look at what category of runner you are, how the procedure applies to you and then answer some of the other question.

First off, the 2013 entry procedure is HERE

Members of AAI registered athletic clubs or those who did the four races in the 2012 Ballycotton Summer Series.........If you are in this category then the best thing to do is just to wait until the first 2,500 entries are closed. It's pointless sending off a SAE for an entry form as you're just creating more work for yourself and the organisers. Just wait until they put up the forms on their website after the first 2,500 are in. This should be around the 6th to 9th of December. There should be forms in selected shops around this time as well. You then have until Tuesday the 18th to get your entry in. It's probably best of you post your entry form by Friday evening, the 14th of December. You could try the online option when it's available but it's likely to be very limited. There is no rush. If you want to take part then you're as good as in. Just print out the form and post it in before the 15th of Dec.

Non-club runners.......If you're not in an athletics club or did not do the four races in the 2012 Summer Series then the number of entries are limited to 2,500. While the inclusion of online entries is a new feature this year, the fact still remains that demand for places far outstrips supply. Last year, the first 2,500 entries closed in about three days and the demand is likely to be as high if not higher this year.

The best way to proceed is to......
1) SAE....... Send off a SAE in November for an entry form. The return postage for a large envelope is 95 cents. In the meantime, get a postal order for €15 ready. As soon as you get the form on Monday the 3rd of Dec, read it, fill it out PROPERLY, sign it and post it asap. Monday evening is best, Tuesday morning should be ok and Tuesday afternoon at worst.

After that, there is no point in posting anything on Wednesday or Thursday as it's too late. Postal entries for the first 2,500 have to arrive by post on the Wednesday. The fact that there is no point in posting entries on Wednesday MAY reduce the number of postal entries.

There is no point in sending your entry by registered mail. If anything, it's more likely to slow it down and end up arriving too late.

Note that they are ONLY accepting the proper entry forms for the first 2,500. There is no point in photocopying or scanning it as these will be rejected.

The organisers will then go count how many valid entries that they have. On Thursday the 6th, they should announce how many places are left for the online entry and they will announce when that will open. Note that the entry procedure DOES NOT say that online entries open on the 6th! It just says to check the website.

2) Online Entries......After they have processed the postal entries that have arrived by Wednesday the 5th, they will put up a list of entries on their website. If you didn't make the first 2,500 entries by the postal method then this is your second chance. On the 6th, they will announce when the online entries will open. You've just got to be online at that time and see if you can get in.

The online entry raises a number of many places out of the 2,500 will be left? Will there be any left?!?!......will the online system be able to handle all of that traffic and process the entries?

Runners from outside the island of Ireland.......Your best option is just to wait until the entry forms appear online from roughly the 6th of Dec onwards. You have until the 8th of January to get your entry in so you have plenty of time.

Overall.......As this is the first time that this has been tried then it is somewhat experimental and there are a number of unknowns. One thing for certain is that demand will still exceed supply and a number of people will end up disappointed.


Rich said...

Do I understand the postal application process correctly?..
If you want to enter, you must send an SAE so you can get a form and the form wont be available for download on the website until after all the SAE forms have been sent back to Ballycotton.

Seems to me that this is a slighly backward step, and creating extra work for the organisers.

Surely a more logical step in this day and age would be to only have the forms appear on the website on the Monday morning,(and in the shops etc) and this be the basis for the postal entries (i.e. no SAE process)

The cost of printing the "real" forms and the manual labour involved with sending the forms out only to get them back in a few days cannot be worth the effort.

I think that if people are that keen to enter the race they they can get the form downloaded and sent out on the Monday, without issue. Surely everyone knows someone with internet access and a printer?

John Desmond said...

Hi Rich, that's correct. I think the main reason that they are only accepting the 'real' entry forms at first is to limit the numbers so that there are some places left over for the online entry. Otherwise, the 2,500 spots would just fill up like in previous years.

It's possible that the extra hassle of sending a SAE might deter some of the club runners who can avail of the entry window anyway. This might leave more spaces available for non-club runners.

Anonymous said...

Interesting entry procedure. Can you clear up one point : May i request multiple entry forms when i send in a single SAE?

John Desmond said...

Just to clarify some points....

1) The entry fee is €15

2) Yes, you can ask for whatever number of forms you require (please note the weight limit for the stamp that you have on the SAE).

3) The completed entry forms can also be sent back together in the one envelope (again note! no photocopies allowed for the first 2,500)

Anonymous said...

Is there really still people out there who 'rather' entering in the traditional way. Sounds like a lot of unnecessary hassle. Anyone who has entered a few races in the past few years has surely done so online so to make it online wouldnt exclude anyone i would think

Anonymous said...

"don’t forget to enclose a large envelope with the correct postage" What is the correct postage from someone posting in Ireland ? 55cents ?

John Desmond said...

I think it's 95c for a large envelope... Wgt Letter/Postcard Lge Envelope 50g €0.55 €0.95 100g €0.65 €1.05

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, but there are still come athletes out there who only enter races that allow postal entries. Suppose everyone has to be catered for and this is obviously what they are doing this year. I think mix of online and postal are a great idea.

Anonymous said...

orwalan from england
how do i get an entry form.
english stamps are not valid in ireland and euro stamps are not available in england for sae.

John Desmond said...

As it says in the main post above, if you are outside the island of Ireland then there is no need for a SAE. Just wait until the forms appear online in early December and print them out. You have until the start of January to get your entry in.

Anonymous said...

Could a quota have been reserved for postal entries so the vast majority who want online entry don't have to wait for "very limited" availability? amazing value at €15 though I'd pay €25 to be able to enter online

Anonymous said...

am i right in saying if you are a member of an athletic club and send in your application form in december you will be accepted

John Desmond said...

As a member of an AAI registered athletic club, you have until the 18th of December to get you entries in. Make sure you post your entry by Friday, the 14th.

Anonymous said...

Hi John
Could you please tell me two things
1)Does it have to be a postal order can it be a cheque,thought I gave them a cheque last year
2)Whichever it is we make it out to 'ballycotton running promotions' correct ?

Thank you in advance


John Desmond said...

ED.........A cheque or postal order is fine. The main thing is that they can cash it. Also as you said, make it payable to 'Ballycotton Running Promotions'

Sunita said...

Hi John, I believe that today is the date for online entry. Can't seem to find the website. Could you forward me on the link?


John Desmond said...

The 6th is the day when they said they would announce when online entries would open.....rather than actually being the day they open.

As soon as they announce when and where, I'll put up the link.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
Is the pdf going up tonight for AAI club runner entry as i missed out the online today?

John Desmond said...

The PDF for club runners will go up after the online entries open on Friday at 2pm.

I'd suggest that you check sometime on Saturday or Sunday and then print it out. As a club runner, you have until the following Friday to post it.