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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tickets for film 'Town of Runners' available on the 1st of June

This all started back in late April when I came across a radio interview with Jerry Rothwell, the director of the new film 'Town of Runners'. The film follows the lives of two young athletes in the small town of Bekoji in Ethiopia. Perhaps like it's Kenyan equivalent of Iten, this Ethiopian town is noted for having produced many of that countries world class athletes. (trailer in the April post). When I looked at the various screenings, there were some in Dublin but none in Cork. So I made some enquiries and the film will now be shown on Wednesday, the 20th of June at 7pm in the Gate Cinema in Cork City.

I put up a poll on the blog a few weeks back asking if anyone was interested in going to the screening. The poll has just closed and 110 people expressed an interest. As with all polls, a lot of people may not have noticed or voted so the number going may well be higher. The film will be shown in Screen 1 which has a capacity of 250 people.

Ticket info...
1) Tickets are available from Mahers Sports from Friday, the 1st of June (Store on Olivier Plunkett St)
2) The tickets are FREE!
3) Should you require more than one ticket, they have a limit of two per person.
4) They will also have a draw on the night for a NIKE GPS watch as well as a couple of other prizes.

So that's it. If you want to watch the film for free on the big screen, go into Mahers Sports and get your ticket asap! Needless to say, if all of the tickets are given away, there will be no access to those just turning up on the night.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the effort john, looking forward to seeing the film!

Brendon said...

Over half the tickets are gone already! We are down to the last 120 tickets. They are going really fast. We will post again here when we are down to the last 50.
Mahers Sports

Brendon said...

Only 70 tickets left at 2.30pm on Friday. Great reaction to them :)

Anonymous said...

Got my Tickets this morning just after opening, thought I would be the first in the q but people ahead of me already. Tnx for organising, see u there

Brendon said...

Only 50 tickets now left.

Anonymous said...

Went in there at 10:15 (Sat). No tickets left

John Desmond said...

Update on the of 11am, there are still 35 tickets left.

Someone who had called in this morning was told they were gone which was a mistake.

To the person that left the last comment....Brendon Dolan of Mahers Sports has put aside a ticket for you. Just go in and ask again.