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Friday, May 25, 2012

Results of the Ballyandreen 5 mile road race - Thurs 24th May 2012

After a long wait, the Summer arrived just in time for the first race in the 2012 Ballycotton Summer Series. Under blue skies and sunshine, a record 598 runners took part in the Ballyandreen 5 mile road race. This is 25% up on last years figure of 480.

For most of it's 30 odd year history, this race has usually got around 150 to 250 runners. Even then, the start felt crowded but once the race started, it thinned out quickly. It was obvious from last night that 600 runners was probably way too many for such a narrow start. Can anything be done to improve things? No doubt some people will suggest that the start point be moved or putting in things like time zones at the start but the basic fact remains that the roads are very narrow.

Looking through the results, I was wondering about some of the times. Last night, the 50th person finished in a time of 31:10. Normally, that kind of time would have put you back in roughly 80th place with still plenty to do to make sure you got into the top 50 by the end of the series. Are the slow times because some people got delayed in the crowded start or are some of the faster runners giving the race a skip??? Last year, the 50th place was 31:14 with 118 fewer runners. Maybe it's a combination of both.

The mens race was won by John Meade of St.Finbarr's AC in a time of 26:54. Tim Twomey of Leevale AC was second just four seconds behind in 26:58 with Michael Harty of East Cork AC third in 27:18.

In the womens race, the clear winner was Lizzie Lee of Leevale AC in 28:54. In second place, Ann Moore of Leevale AC ran 32:01 while Julie McGrath of Cashel was third 32:09.

The full results can be seen HERE

Photos...(Updated 30th May)
1) Gearoid O Laoi has a huge gallery of photos HERE 
2) Joe Murphy has a slideshow HERE

Update from the organisers....(26th May)
PLEASE NOTE - A small batch of numbers (starting around 400) were given out incorrectly at one of the entry desks last night. Therefore, a few people may have the wrong finishing time and place. It would be appreciated if they could email John Walshe at with the number they wore and approximate finish time, we will get it sorted out. Apologies for this, something that never happened us before!

Thanks to all of the people who have contacted us. For any further changes, they should be emailed to John Walshe.

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Anonymous said...

Thank to all at Ballyandreen, lovely evening and well marshalled. Great hopsitality. Unfortunately the start was very unsatisfactory. Was at the start line 15 minutes before the gun. Several hundred people came back towards the start from the registration area after that. I ended up having a couple of hundred runners in front of me at the gun, took me 15 seconds to even cross the start line. Spent half the first mile hopping up and down off the ditch trying to get around runners going at least 2 minutes per mile slower than me. Not sure what can be done - the race is a victim of its own success - but as a relatively faster runner who came in plenty of time it was pretty frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic evening once again in Ballyandreen. I had the same issue as the first poster. Was at the start 15 mins before gun also and was only 5 yards back from the start line. The place was so packed that latecomers had to start in front of us. Certainly lost 20 or 30 secs in the first mile. Having said that I know it's difficult to get a solution to this. If everyone was there in plenty of time the problem would probably not occour. However people will be late, just a fact of life I guess. In the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal and as always it was a hugely enjoyable evening.

cathalhistory said...

ran this last night. my first time. really enjoyed it and got a real taste for the summer series. that said the crowding at the start was a problem. i lost 20-30 seconds getting over the start line. loved the course especially the descents into ballycotton church and the last mile finish. the hills were excellently placed. a real classic 5 miler

Anonymous said...

The summer has started! First good evening of the summer and the first of the Ballycotton series completed.
I agree with all above but it is still a classic run. Long may it continue.

Anonymous said...

Could they not start the race out the cloyne road or from the top of 'The beast'? The race is a victim of its own success. The start is too narrow for a crowd of approximately 600 people. What if that's 650-700 next year? Nobody likes changing a traditional race route but in the interests of safety and fairness to all runners (many lose 20-30 secs at the start), it should be changed.

Fiona said...

Ballycotton summer series is legendary, how dare anybody suggest changing it. People need to get over themselves with their 20 or 30 seconds - we're only amateurs. Go running on big wide boring roads and stay away from beautiful, traditional, rock solid enjoyable and efficient Ballycotton.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you Fiona that the route should not be changed. But (like in Ballycotton)they may need to look at limiting the field. Or not allowing people down the hill from 10 or 15 minutes before the start. Many runners train hard and are chasing a time (even if they are only amateurs) and 20-30 seconds is a huge amount in a 5 mile race, apart altogether from the health and safety risks of someone triping and getting trampled upon.

Anonymous said...

John walshe's email address has no end

John Desmond said...


Now fixed

Anonymous said...

Last night was particularly frustrating at the start. I was less than 10 metres from the line when we started. Then we stopped again momentarily. There were 4 people together, to one side of me, who were on the heavy side and should not have been where they were for the start. There was also a guy, apparently texting. Between the start and the crossroads, I passed two separate groups of three, jogging three abreast, and having a grand chat, with everyone else jumping and hopping around to get past. There were lots and lots of others who, based on their pace, should have started towards the back of the field, not in the first 100/150.

The issue with any of these large field races primarily concerns runners starting in a position inappropriate to their ability. It's only a matter of time before we have a serious crush incident in a race, possibly with many fallers. When/if that happens, it'll spoil the party for the rest of us.

Please everyone, be mindful of everyone else in the race and start in a time zone appropriate to your expected finish time. e.g. If you finished in, say, 40 mins last night, then you didn't do anyone any favours by starting towards the front of the field.

Anonymous said...

THE need for atime zoning system needs to be put into place.for example 25mins-30mins..3omins-40mins and so on. THE IDEA behind for trying to limit munbers in th height of road series races is a bit much to ask. I THINK that ballycotton series offers the cheapests prices say compared to the west waterford series where nono of their races is the bare was great too see a beautiful nite for racing with large runner participation..thats what the summer of racing is all about..cotinued success to the ballycotton running series

Anonymous said...

Best way to sort it out is to have start time zones.have 4 entry desks.sub 35 sub 45 sub 50 and 50+.give the first group numbers 1 to 150 and so on.I'd it is your first race and you have been training alone some people will be optimistic and think they can win or run a fast time(such as the guys with the GAA socks and shorts who run a 60 sec 1st 400 and then regret it after 2 miles.)I don't think people go out of their way to block people but just might not appreciate that it is not a training run or fun run but a competitive race.anyone with a number above 150 should be no where near the front

Anonymous said...

Fantastic evening, well organised and stewarded, maybe the start needs to be looked at but don't change the route.

Anonymous said...

Great race and the weather made it even better. Agree with the comments on the loss of time. I think some of the slower runners just dont realise they should stay at the back. The numbers 1-150 idea is a good one. Could be open to correction but dont ballycotton give out the numbers for the next 3races based on where you stand in the overall race.

Anonymous said...

Hey John,

Could you tell me if we are ever Going to see the Results of the Spring Series.

I thought they would be out before the S.S started.

Thanks again

Kevin said...

I think the problem with the start is that it goes back in the direction people have come from to get there. How about keeping a passageway open down one side so people can move past the front down to the back? Would need stewards to organize though and maybe a rope to stop you cutting straight into the front?
I ended up in that situation in Shanagarry last year, got to the start line just a minute or 2 before the start, as I was waiting for a friend to arrive & had his number, and all I could do was squeeze in a few from the front, where I had no business being.

Joe said...

I've emailed Ballycotton about the final results of the spring series and got no reply and that was about 2 weeks ago. What is the story John? (cause you know everything).

Thanks and regards Joe.

John Desmond said...

As far as I know, the Spring Series overall results are not ready. They are usually put together by the gang in Ballycotton but things have backed up a bit with all of the other races on at the moment.

If anyone is interested is helping to compile them then send me a mail. It it was split up between a few people, it could be done in no time.

John Desmond said...

Added photo slideshow from Joe Murphy