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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rob Heffernan's London 2012 Blog on the RTE website...

The state broadcaster RTE have just started a blog on their website for Irish race walker Rob Heffernan. The first post is basically an introduction from Rob as he prepares for the 2012 Olympics in London.

In one part of the post, Rob refers to the 40 national titles that he has won over various distances from 5km to 50km walk. He also holds all of the National Senior records: 3km (11m10s); 5km (18m51s); 10km (38m27s); 20km (79m22sec); 35km (2h31m10sec); 50km (3h45m30sec).

To put that 50k time into context......if you took the average pace then Rob went through the Marathon mark in roughly 3h 10m which works out as 7m 15s per mile pace. An incredible speed when you consider that he is race walking and not running.

The first post on the RTE blog can be seen HERE

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Anonymous said...

Great to see Rob doing so well - I hope all goes well for both himself and Marian this summer.
Speaking of times, his 5k time is just over 6 min/ml pace and is probably good enough to finish at the business end of most local 5k races!!!