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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Barbara Sanchez wins Copenhagen Marathon...

Barbara Sanchez of Raheny Shamrock AC won the Copenhagen Marathon today in a time of 2h 41m 17s, almost four minutes ahead of her nearest rival. Her time however was outside the 'A' standard of 2:37 that is required for the London Olympics.

As can be seen from her splits above, she was more or less on target for the first 20kms but the warm conditions made things more difficult in the second half of the race.

That also means that the final number of Irish women that have qualified for the London Olympic Marathon is four...
Catriona Jennings (Rathfarnham AC)...Rotterdam...2:36:14
Linda Byrne (Dundrum South Dublin AC)...Dublin...2:36:23
Ava Hutchinson (Dundrum South Dublin AC)...Houston...2:35:33
Maria McCambridge (Letterkenny AC)...Rome...2:36:37

However, Ireland can only send three. Who should go? It was supposed to have been decided on the 12th of June. However, at the launch of the Dublin City Marathon at the start of May, Maria McCambridge voiced this opinion..."I really think it's unfair to keep us waiting, I just wish they'd let us know as soon as possible." Linda Byrne said..."The British and everyone else have their (marathon) team picked by now so it would have been fairer if we had the selection in the next couple of weeks,".........while Caitriona Jennings said..."They should definitely be telling us earlier, even just for the sake of the three athletes who are going to be going so that they can finalise their training plans. June 12 is only about six weeks before the Olympic marathon, it's just crazy,".

Possibly as a result of this pressure, the selection date has been brought forward and it now looks as if it could be decided as early as Monday this week.

Who should go??? The criteria for selection are...."consistency and repeatability of performances in 2011/12; relevant statistical data/rankings; athletes “on-demand” performances at previous championships; competitive record of athletes against one another; and athletes “final phase” readiness". The problem with this system of course is that it is not open and transparent. By using certain criteria, you could justify any decision. The fairest way would be to send the fastest three.



Paudie said...

Maybe we should lock them into a room and make a reality TV program about it. Who ever can stand on one foot the longest or eat an insect that will make everybody’s stomach turn will win. Well that if the public pick up them phones to vote.
Na really I think this is tricky.
Selection for he Kenya team was supposedly influenced buy sports sponsorship which is not good in my opinion.
Personally I think fastest times should go and I do understand there is an argument that different courses are harder then others.
I’m just glad I’m not the one to make the call.

Anonymous said...

fastest times i think but let me say they are all fantastic athletes
wouldnt like t b making the decision

Anonymous said...

Tough call indeed! Linda Byrne is the national champion, so that looks like a factor in her favour - but then it was never specified that the national champion was guaranteed a place on making the A standard. Maria McCambridge has already run in the Olympics, so either (a) she won't be overawed and she's more likely to give a good performance than a first-timer, or (b) give someone else their day as an Olympian.

Hopefully once the choice is made we'll also know what the logic was for the selection and non-selection.

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree with last comment it has to be the fastest 3 out of the 4 athletes maybe a bit harsh on the 4th athlete but they have to make a call on it soon.

Anonymous said...

the double speak by the selection committee is a orwellian joy to behold. fastest 3 is the fairest and best way

Anonymous said...

Think the decision is due today. Rotten however it turns out. In the US the first 3 ladies across the line at the Marathon trials go. That way there's no politics, bitc*ing, or hassle and everyone knows exactly where they stand. The only positive is that it's great to be in a position where 4 girls made the time!

Anonymous said...

Give fastest three a place in Marathon race with fourth place runner selected for 10k if they have B standard.