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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Haile Gebrselassie finishes a disappointing 7th in Hengelo...

In the mens 10,000 metre race in the FBK-Games in Hengelo, the Netherlands, the former Marathon record holder Haile Gebrselassie ran 27:20 to finish in a dissapointing 7th. Even though this was faster than the 27:39 that he ran to win the Great Manchester Run the previous Sunday, he still finished behind five other Ethiopians in what was an official trial for their Olympic team.

Rank     Athlete    Nation    Result
1     BEKELE, Tariku    ETH WL    27:11.70
2     DESISA BENTI, Leleisa    ETH PB    27:11.98
3     SIHINE, Sileshi    ETH 27:12.60
4     GEBREMARIAM, Gebre    ETH 27:13.66
5     MEDHIN, Teklemariam    ERI  PB    27:16.69
6     REGASSA, Tilahun    ETH PB    27:18.90
7     GEBRSELASSIE, Haile    ETH 27:20.39
8     KUMA, Abera    ETH 27:25.20
9     MERGA, Imane     ETH 27:42.39
10     BEKELE, Azmeraw    ETH PB    27:49.16

This now draws Haile's Olympic bid to a close.

In a post race interview, he said..."The Games in London, is over for me. That's life. I am not disappointed...I tried to qualify for my fifth Olympics. And I don't regret trying to do so...I simply came up against stronger rivals on Sunday."

Gebrselassie also indicated afterwards this would be his final track race. It was his first track race since the 2008 Olympics.

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Anonymous said...

Ya it is the end of him probably. He was really the greatest ever- Bekele broke his 5 and 10km records but will he ever have the range or longevity of the emperor?-i doubt it.
He is so addicted to breaking records i can see him breaking age-grade records for years to come. I mean he can still run 27 mins for 10km? 2:08 for the marathon?