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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New survey suggests that 11.6% of Irish Adults are running

11.6% of Irish adults are runners according to a recent survey by research agency AskChili. Out of the 502 respondents, a total of 11.6 per cent of respondents stated they participate in running which is probably no surprise considering that 60,000 took part in marathons, half marathons and mini marathons outside of the big three runs; the Flora Mini Marathon (40,000), National Lottery Dublin City Marathon (14,000) and Bord Gáis Energy Cork City Marathon (10,000) in 2011.

Overall, walking is officially the nation’s favourite “sporting” pastime with almost 40 per cent claiming to be active walkers (49.6 per cent for women, 25% for men).

Swimming is also immensely popular, with 22.3 per cent of Irish people over the age of 18 swimming and again, women (27.7 per cent) tend to swim more than men (16.5 per cent).

For cycling, men accounted for over 15 per cent compared to 12.3 per cent of women. With respect to cycling, a boom has occurred in this industry with 90,000 bikes purchased through the Bikes for Work scheme since 2009. Cycling Ireland’s participation numbers have jumped from 5,000 in 2008 to 10,000 in 2011 and, to add to this, there were no fewer than 538 official Cycling Ireland events in 2011 – up 50 per cent from 2009.

However, almost one in three adults do not participate in any exercise or sport of any kind. Slightly more women (35 per cent) than men (30.2 per cent) do not partake in any form of sport.

This number rises to 41.7 per cent for those over 50. The survey also revealed 40-49 age group are the most active of all with over 75 per cent of this category taking part in some sport or other.

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