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Friday, December 09, 2011

Antarctic Marathon won in 3:47

In the recent Antarctic Marathon, thirty-six athletes from 17 countries braved the sub-zero temperatures and completed the 42.2km race at the bottom of the world. Before the race, every competitor had to have their skin fully protected. Clothing included a full balaclava, goggles, gloves and mittens, long johns, waterproof running pants and several layers of thermal clothing under a 'shell'. The race started at the Antarctic base camp of the Union Glacier, in the southern Ellsworth Mountains, just over 100km from the South Pole.

For safety reasons the course is laid out around the Union Glacier camp with markers positioned in the snow and ice. This is to prevent anyone wandering off course and freezing to death. Competitors had to complete one and a half laps of the course, but were able to rehydrate themselves with hot drinks and snacks at one of five aid (check point) stations. Despite the unfavourable terrain, every competitor managed to finish this unique race.

The men’s winner of the race was Clément Thévenet of France who finished in a new course record (3:47). The second-place finisher was a full 33 minutes behind the leader.

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