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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BBC interview Marathon cheat...

A few days ago, the reional BBC North-East service interviewed Rob Sloan. You might remember him from a previous post back in October when he 'finished' 3rd in the Kielder Marathon in Northumberland and was later found to have hopped on a bus at the 20 mile mark!

Well, now he says that it was a case of mistaken identity and he really did finish 3rd. In the interview, Sloan said: "My argument is, 'who in his right mind runs 24 miles of a 26-mile race, diversifies off the route, manages to find a bus, makes his way back in the race, lies in wait until the first and the second has passed then joins the race and finishes third'?

Indeed, 'diversifying' off the route is never a recommended option.

The race officials say that Sloan was in 8th place at the 13.1 mile mark and at 17 miles, he was in 10th. Then somehow he finished 3rd without anyone seeing him?

In his defence, Sloan showed the BBC the readings from his GPS watch. The BBC said that it "showed him travelling at a constant pace, until the last few miles when the reading "goes fuzzy"."

The interview can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

I read a BBC article in October that said he confessed and had given his medal back but here he is still protesting his innocence. He was 10th after 17 miles and won a 10k race the previous day but his story borders on ridiculous as he tries to use his Garmin readings as proof that he completed the race but the readings "go fuzzy" in the last few miles. He should own up and accept his punishment.

Anonymous said...

I ain't no psychologist, but his body language throughout the interview (constant touching of his face and neck) are habits of a someone telling whopper lies.