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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Example of amount spent on running in 1 year...

Following on from the earlier post about how much people spent on running in 1 year, someone sent this example to me.

The poll includes an option to select €1000+ per annum which might at first seem sightly excessive. But looking at the example above, it's easy to see how all of those costs add up. It's easy to remember the price of shoes, gear and entries but what about all of those other things?

It might also be worth pointing out that if you take the annual costs of a lot of things then they can seem excessive. In addition, if someone wasn't running then they could just as easily have spent the time and money doing something else. And of course there are the health can you put a value on that?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,

running can be as expensive as you wish. eg. Ballycotton 10 (mug included)costs €15 to enter, Cork to Cobh €10 (goody bag & tee shirt included). Both are over relatively flat courses, must be amongst the best value races in Ireland and they're on our doorstep. There's no need to travel far for races. The basic gear of tops, shorts, socks & runners shouldn't cost much more than €100 in total. Runners last 600 miles, clothing much longer. And of course the exercise, fresh air & friendship is priceless. "friends by my side, the wind in my face, the joy of the race"