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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Results of the Lisgoold 5 km race - Sun 7th Nov 2010

There was a turnout of about 70-80 for this 5 km race in Lisgoold, East Cork. Conditions were ideal for the race with blue skies and sunshine on what was a beautiful Winter's morning.

The big talking point regarding this race however was the statement from the Cork branch of Athletics Ireland (AAI) advising club runners not to attend. Considering that around 125 took part in this race last year, you can only assume that a considerable number of people did not take part in this year's race as a result.

Whatever the positions of both parties were, there are no winners in a situation like this where runners are in effect advised to boycott an event. A lot of runners, club and non-club, will be wondering why can't two sporting organizations come to some sort of agreement? Boycotts and the like do nothing but generate bad feelings and ill will. There surely has to be a better solution.

The results of the race can be found HERE


Unknown said...

Just want to say thank you to all people who turned out today for our local race.
As John has said hopefully all issues will be ironed out for next years race.

Just to note some of the winning athletes were not around for the presentation of prizes and we have a their prizes put aside.

If you see your name down for winning a category and you have not received it please contact me and I can arrange getting the prize to you.

David O'Sullivan

Anonymous said...

Midleton AC
An Olive Branch/A Hand Of Friendship
I have to agree with you John there are no winners in this race but some have lost more that others.
I personally ran this race last year and praised it highly both on this blog and our own blog as well. I knew the race had no permit but being the inaugural event and not being requested not to run by Athletics Ireland I ran and enjoyed it very much.
I took part as did very many Midleton AC athletes. Unfortunately this did not occur this year due to the simple fact that the race did not have a permit and we were requested by Athletics Ireland not to support the event. We are next door neighbours and are one of the largest clubs in the county with over one hundred and sixty members and would have loved to be in a position to support the event.
The race is a fundraising event and from what I understand of such events the main object is to raise funds for whatever worthy cause. The price of the required permit would be easily covered and substantial extra funds would have been raised by the extra number of athletes the event would have attracted from our club alone not to mention from other clubs who would have been able to support the event.
I wish to extend the hand of friendship and offer a simple solution. Let us Midleton AC apply for an official permit from Athletics Ireland on behalf of the organisers if they so wish and want to run the race again next year or I am sure other clubs in the area would do the same. This is what happens with other fundraising races in the East Cork area. For example the wonderful Carrigtwohill 5KM in the summer had a permit obtained on its behalf by East Cork AC and the recent Cloyne 4Mile had a permit obtained on its behalf by Midleton AC and both of these events were hugely successful and raised very substantial funds for their respective causes.
The GAA has its rules which its members abide by and Athletics Ireland has its rules which its members abide by. We are both engaged in very worthwhile activities and should respect each other’s rules and regulations and try and work together for the benefit of our communities.
Yours in SPORT
Danny Mc Carthy
Capt and Vice Chairman
Midleton AC

Unknown said...


Thank you for this offer, I shall have a chat with you at the next East Cork 3k