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Friday, November 05, 2010

Cork AAI issue statement regarding Lisgoold 5 k race...

The Cork branch of the Athletics Association of Ireland have issued a statement regarding the 5 km road race in Lisgoold next Sunday...

This event came up for discussion at the Cork County Board meeting on Wednesday night. It does not have a race Permit from Athletics Ireland. It did not have one last year and despite the best efforts of the Board we have failed to gain the co-operation of Ligoold GAA in acquiring a Permit.

We are asking all Athletics Ireland registered athletes not to participate in this event and most clubs have been e-mailed to this effect.

If athletes do decide to run, we would ask that they do not wear club colours and do not register for the event under the name of an Athletics Ireland club.

Tony Kelleher (Secretary), Cork County Athletics Board

Email:      Mob: 086-1660441

For those of you who may not know, the AAI issue licences for most road races. It would seem as if in this case, Lisgoold GAA have opted not to obtain a licence.
With regards to licences, the way I have heard it explained to me is that most sports have their own national body and if you want to organise an event.....i.e. take paid entries...then you should obtain a licence from the relevant authority. So if it was a boxing match then you go to that authority, if it was a Gaelic game related event then you go to the GAA and if it is running you go to the AAI.
There are obviously two different type of runners out there.....members of AAI registered running clubs and a huge number of people who aren't member of any club.
Which type of runner are you and what do you think of the statement? Does it matter to you? Would it stop you going? How important is the licence issue to you? Click on the comment link below to leave a comment...


Anonymous said...

John, I'd be more interested in the Cork County Board making a statement on the recent Munster Novice Cross Country results...Club Runner

Anonymous said...

Whilst there may be no permit for this Local Fundraising Event it is Fully Insured.

If a permit had been applied for then a catch 22 situation arises.

The AAI permit application has two sections,
one for affiliated clubs and
one for other organising committees.

If you apply for an organising committees permit then it is required to supply a copy of your own insurance policy indemnifying the AAI of the event.
(So a permit but no insurance cover, what is the purpose of the permit????)

The insurance policy for the event has a condition that if you organise the event solely as a GAA organised event then the insurance for the fundraising event is covered.
The insurance policy however has a comment that states that if the event is organised under another body or affiliated with another body the insurance is void.

Catch 22:
Option 1: Organise another fully insured event with more great prizes and build on last years success for the benefit of the local club and community.


Get the AAI permit and therefore have no insurance for the event, be required to organise seperate insurance for this event and essentially make this event a non runner due to running costs.

In this day and age where the Health and Safety of everyone is paramount I know what option I would choose.

Anonymous said...

Its a sad state of affairs when the GAA has to capitalise on the popularity of other sports to raise money.Do they not charge enough and make enough from matches ? When was the last time they did anything for Athletics ?
Let them stick to what they do and stop interfering with other sports.
I dont see any running clubs organising hurling or football matches.

Anonymous said...

Surely this is a fund raising event not an issue for the Athletics Association. Yes it is road race but the association don't have a copyright on all road races in Ireland. This is a case of the "Big Guys" ruling the roost. I will be taking part on Sunday and no Association is going to stop me. I am not part of any GAA organisation nor I am part of any Athletics organisation I am simly a person who likes to run. My final word is for the Athletics Association to get a grip.

Anonymous said...

If its a "Fundraising Event" as Anonymous No 4 says call it a "Fun Run" as most such events are called and not a "road race" which is a completely different thing with its own rules and regulations.Timing,Course measurement etc. and Yes Athletics Ireland does have the responsibility to ensure that those rules are applied correctly to approved races.

Anonymous said...

Shanagarry 5ml
Cloyne 5km
Cork / Blarney half marathon
All events that I ran this year where we used GAA facilities.
Get a grip and let people run when they want to.
Once something becomes popular in Ireland then you usually get people trying to create an Organisation and rules to stop them.
"The tail is trying to wag the dog"

Anonymous said...

Are the Cork BHAA events AAI-sanctioned?

I have never seen anything about their races having an AAI permit, and their fixtures are never listed on CCB or AAI websites.

If they're not AAI-approved, surely they fall into the same category as the Lisgoold race?

cathal daly running blog said...

wouldn't bother me if it was AAI or not as long as it is properly organised. 7 euro to run 3.2 miles is a cod tho!!!

Adam Douglas said...

In this case, experience of the race should win out over the AAI Judgment. Any one who did this last year will know how well it was organised and Should want to Give it another Go if Around. They're a small Club Who really come together as a community for the day. It could b Slightly better value though...

Anonymous said...

I'm a non-club runner, recently returned to running, I have been supporting many of the BHAA and AAI events over the last year and was looking out for a club to join but if the County Board statement is an indication of the 'sporting' philosophy of the organised athletics association then I think I'll continue pounding the roads on my own. At least I can decide where and when I run.

Club runner said...

Lads, Get a grip!.....

The AAI said..."We are ASKING all Athletics Ireland registered athletes .." and "If athletes do decide to run, we would ASK ...."

They didn't tell, demand or coerce anyone...just asked! and, judging by the results, most complied.

The GAA (both Lisgoold and Co Co Board) both refuse to seek a permit from the AAI, citing that they are the Gaelic ATHLETIC association. What do you think would happen if the AAI organised a Gaelic Tournament?

Its only a matter of time before one of these unregulated, unpermitted races runs head-to-head against one of our own club organised events. Is that what we want for the long-term good of athletics. I think not!

Anonymous said...

In response to 'club runner', I spoke with a few club runners who would have liked to run but felt 'pressured' not to run by their clubs. Were they really asking? Anyway, great race and a credit to the locals of Lisgoold, even saw that the Bol Cumman were out to help with stewarding. I believe what is good for the long term good of sport and communities is participation.