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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Introduction to the world of Ultra-Marathons...

For a lot of runners, the challenge of running in and completing a full Marathon is enough. Some go on to see if they can run the distance faster. Others however look to the challenge of trying to run a longer distance. It's almost like they set themselves the challenge of finding out where their limits are? How far beyond the Marathon distance can they go?

There was a recent article in the Irish Times about Ultra distance running. You can find it HERE

In Ireland, there are a number of Ultra-Marathon events. In Connemara, there is a 39.3 mile event. The Dingle Marathon has a 50 mile race. The Portumna Marathon has a 50 km and 100 km section while the Longford Marathon will be introducing a new 39.3 mile event in 2011.

Sometimes, 26.2 miles isn't enough ;o)

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