Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Liscarroll 10 km road race - Fri 3rd Sept 2010

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Results of the Liscarroll 10 km road race - Fri 3rd Sept 2010

A few years ago in 2007, this race was advertised as having a prize fund of €2,000 and a high entry fee of €15. Despite the good reports coming from people attending the race, it only attracted 53 people.

The Liscarroll race now has an entry fee of €10 and is part of a successful race series. The result was seen on Friday evening when 126 runners took part, a huge change from the numbers in previous years.

The full race results can be see HERE


Anonymous said...

I loved this race. Great organisation, good course, great stewarding and enough food to feed the five thousand!

I had an injury after finishing and one of the stewards took one look at me and drove me back to the community centre - no questions asked. It's that type of thing which makes a race so good.

Well done to Michael Herlihy and everyone else involved in the organisation of the race. This is one race I'll definitely do next year!

Andy Gibson, Eagle A.C.

John Dunphy said...

Hi John,

Just to echo Andy's comment,i too thought it was a superb race and have in my time ran many 10k road races out side of Cork but this one will go down as a must each year if fit and healthy,Michael and crew take a bow fantastic event and fantastic course i wish they all could be as flat as that one last night.

John Dunphy
Eagle A.C.

John Desmond said...

You're a hard man John Dunphy! Running a 10 k road race 5 days after running in the Longford Marathon :o))

I'll have to try and do this one next year.

John said...

And that's coming from a man that ran two Marathons last weekend in Galway & Longford now who's really the hard man :)

Yes John give it a go next year well worth the short trip to Liscarroll.

Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed the race, it was quite flat and the marshalling was excellent but I have a couple of negative things to say about the evening.
Firstly, the community centre where registration was taking place was not signposted (as far as I could see anyway), Liscarroll is not big but I had to drive around three times and then ask someone before being directed to the registration point. Second point, as someone who has only started road races this year it was my first time to come across a finish line to no clap, or words of encouragement, just complete silence! I found it quite eerie to be honest and don't think I'd be rushing to this race again next year.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic race, the nicest course you will find anywhere flat for all 10km

great job done by liscaroll AC loads of stewards and a must race for anybody taht wants to set an honest personal best.

Anonymous said...

Is there any pictures of the race .. or was the photographer from some paper ?