Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Cork BHAA 'IPS/Garda' 5 km road race - Sun 19th Sept 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Results of the Cork BHAA 'IPS/Garda' 5 km road race - Sun 19th Sept 2010

The results of this 5 km road race are now available. There was a turnout of 169 runners which seems very low considering that it was a BHAA race. I would have expected the number to be closer to 300 or so.

Why the low numbers?

I presume it was because Cork were playing in the GAA Football All-Ireland final later that afternoon but did that many runners travel to Dublin for the match?

The full results can now be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

Hi John

Just a suggestion but as well as the match if your training for dublin that sunday you would have to have been doing a run anywhere from 15-20 miles??? I had to run 20 and cant say I would have given it up for a 5Km???

Thats just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I brought the kids to the match otherwise I would have run it, the guy right behind me is a regular runner at the BHAA events and the fellow behind him was proudly wearing his Cork city marathon 2010red & white "jersey".

Anonymous said...

The East Cork XC championships were on in Youghal that day too. That would be another contributor to lower race numbers.

Donal O'Donoghue said...

Numbers down ?

Since the end of the long Summer evenings, it's the first Sunday morning race in the area, and maybe people have not made the adjustment yet.

Maybe people feared that they'd get "caught up" in traffic heading to Dublin for the big match.
With the completion of the new Motorway, even the Cork team was planning to travel by bus rather than train.
Perhaps first or third Sunday in September is not a good choice ?

However on the up side, one could be pretty sure there'd be plenty of parking about Páirc Uí Chaoimh on the day ;o)

Also the weather in the Cork area was pretty dismal in the two hours before the race, with gusting winds and showers.
However this all cleared up, and weather was perfect for the race.

This year, this event had been BOTH relocated and rescheduled, and perhaps people had not taken note of it.
e.g. the Calendar page still has a blank on the Time and Venue.

Maybe the huge numbers that turned out for the John Buckley Sports 5k over the same circuit left some people feeling overwhelmed ?

In the end the race itself was good, with very quiet roads, and no "Live at the Marquee" type of clashing events.

The smaller numbers seemed to lead to a nicer atmosphere, and did not conflict with Lee Boat Club rowing event that was taking place simultaneously.

Refreshments afterwards were excellent, and amongst the best you'd get at any race :)

One person did comment to me that they don't like doing multiple laps, and prefer one long run, rather than covering the same ground multiple times.

I'd highly recommend this race to anyone, esp. new runners.
The only course flatter than this is a 400m track !

Anonymous said...

Im training for the cork to cobh on oct 3rd.its 15 miles. had to run around 10 sunday morning. find it hard to do alot during the week with long travel times to and from work.i would have done the 5k only for this.

Anonymous said...

I decided not to do it after turning up to the John Buckley 5km a while back thinking that the run was going to along the marina only to find that the course was around a drab industrial estate! Once was enough!

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed the race . had done a 19 mile the day before so it was a good flat race to unwind . refreshments after were first class , people should still come out and support these races very important not to lose them . Derek