Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Stewards required for the Womens Mini-Marathon

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stewards required for the Womens Mini-Marathon

Sunday September 20 – Stewards Urgently Needed for Cork Ladies Mini-Marathon

The Cork AAI County Board is urgently looking for stewards for all areas for this event which takes place on Sunday next, September 26 at 1pm.  This is the chief fundraiser for the Board and without it charges for AAI events would certainly be far higher than they have been.  More importantly, it is a MAJOR fundraiser for many charities.  If you can spare a few hours please contact Pat Buckley on 085-1480725 or Noreen Murphy on 085-7157810 asap.

There will be a preview of the route here later this evening


Anonymous said...

John, I volunteered at this event last year and was there for SIX hours! For all the work I did, I didn't receive a thank you, a cup of tea - nothing! I would urge everyone considering volunteering their services for this event to boycott it as the AAI will not acknowledge your assistance in any way, shape or form.

Andy Gibson, Eagle AC

John Desmond said...

I'm sure boycotting it would achieve anything.

The main thing is that a successful event like this raises hundreds of thousands of Euros for local charities. People who give up their time to steward are helping these charities in their own way.

However for the Cork AAI not to acknowledge that contribution is an oversight.