Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the 'Evening Echo' Womens mini-marathon - Sun 26th Sept 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Results of the 'Evening Echo' Womens mini-marathon - Sun 26th Sept 2010

Looks like conditions were nice and cool for this huge event in Cork City. The results for the first 20 women are now available below...

Remember the times are for 3.8 miles, not 4.


1 K Harty (Newcastle) 21:20;
2 Lizzie Lee (Leevale) 21:36;
3 Emma Murphy (St Finbarrs) 22:18;
4 Niamh O’Sullivan (Riocht, F45) 22:21;
5 Carmel Crowley (Bandon, F40) 22:35;
6 O Drumm (UCC) 23:09;
7 Rhona Lynch (Eagle, F35) 23:14;
8 V Colleran (Ennis TC, F40) 23:27;
9 Carmel Parnell (Leevale, F55) 23:29;
10 Niamh Roe (Eagle) 23:54;
11 M Kiely (unatt) 23:57;
12 M-M Meade (unatt, F35) 24:12;
13 C Kiely (Gneeveguilla) 24:14;
14 Niamh Walsh (Youghal) 24:20;
15 Tracey Guilfoyle (Kilnaboy, F45) 24:42;
16 Jessica Vonhatten (Leevale) 24:47;
17 A Donnelly (St Finbarrs, F50) 24:52;
18 Angela McEvoy (St Finbarrs, F45) 25:34;
19 R O’Callaghan (St Finbarrs, F35) 25:43;
20 S Moloney (unatt) 25:52.

The full results will probably be in a special supplement in the Evening Echo some day during the week.

Nothing between the leaders at the 2.5 mile mark

Did you run in this event? What was the start like compared to previous years? Did the tag system work? Were the runners segregated from the walkers? Any issues?
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1) There is a large gallery of 540 photos taken by John Quigley on the Eagle AC website.

2) There is a slideshow of some high quality shots by Gearoid O'Laoi HERE


Terri K said...

I was a non-club runner, got there at 1230 and was about 12 rows from the front. Having the tags for elite/club runners seemed to work really well, but wished I could have been closer! Will have to join a club to get a tag next year.

The start line is still ambiguous for the people in the back of the pack, it's not marked at all and for first-timers they didn't know where the start was. Having the goody bags at the end of the race was brill rather than having to go to the race office the week before to get it.

A good race, a great atmosphere!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to everyone for taking the time to take part and raise much needed funds for their respective charities.
This was my first mini marathon,and I think it will be my last(red sticker or no red sticker )... Rather than leaving the runners away to get ahead by say 5 sec,the rest of the field was clear to go at the same time , and I think this made it a bit messy as a start with lots of crushing near the front.
I have taken part in a number of races over the summer, and expected much more atmosphere along the route and especially at the finished.To finish around the 35 min mark to zero applause or encouragement from the crowd was a huge anti climax.
Someone summed it up well by saying that ultimately this event is no more than a "charity walk".

Cat B said...

I too was a non club winner and got there around 12.45 like Terri K was about 12 or so rows behind..only thing is if you do want to run it it was hard to get past the walkers, i know there was a provision for the club runners with the tags which makes sense but maybe the organisers next year would make this known when registering online or in the papers that if one wants to run it and order to get tags join a club. Alot of people i spoke to today were a bit disappointed that they didnt get ahead sooner to run...was happy with my time though as I only starting to training for this a month ago and my fitness has come on as a result..It my first time running the mini- marathion, just had my second baby last november so really happy did it in 35 mins. Maybe next year I can knock off 5mins off that time or more!!

Great atmosphere alright and crowd were very good to cheer and encourage us all , it gave us all a lift I think especially towards finish line.

The stewards and organisers did great job, well done for volunteering, it was noticed. Thanks for giving up your time.

John Quigley said...

Hi John,
Wrt Cat B's pat on the back for the stewards - Thanks!

I've stewarded the Mini-Marathon for something like 15 years or so and have always enjoyed doing so.

A huge proportion of women (and a good few of the "others") take part primarily to raise much needed money for the many, many charities - and those charities are suffering badly due to the recession - so your cash is both badly needed and very gladly received.

The vast majority of the participants are well able for the event, but I am always particularly humbled by the efforts of the many who, in some way or another, find the effort challenging.

Well done everyone! See you next year!

John Quigley,
Eagle AC

Blaithin said...

This was my second time doing the mini marathon and my first time walking it. I had my 13 month old son with me and was totally unaware I had to register him for the race as well as myself. There was utter confusion near the start line as the stewards would only let buggies through if they had a number. This was very frustrating was there was no stipulation to this effect either on the website or in any race press releases prior to the event. The result was very upset parents trying to get a race number for their babies, some of whom didn’t have any money with them.

This unpleasant start to the event tarred the race for me and my family and meant we didn’t start until 13.20.

Lizzie Lee said...

The tagged system for the club runners worked perfectly. We were able to warm up for 20 minutes down centre park road, return to the start at 12.50pm and get to the front line without any problems. I also thought the music at the start line really added to the fun atmosphere.

The support I received along the course as a Cork club runner was fantastic and I thought the atmosphere at the finish was lovely.

From a club runner perspective the organisation was superb.

Obviously though I can't comment on the other 10,000 runners experiences.

Anonymous said...

I was a non club runner and arrived there at 12. I had heard that it was difficult to get started so figured I'd get there early!! I was only 2rows back from the barrier.

They had both groups behind seperate barriers and at the 1o'clock mark left the club runners up the start line - this was 3/4 metres up the road. They then allowed all the rest of us up to line up behind them so at this stage there were plenty of walkers right up the front.

I was fortunate enough to get off with out any hitches but I did witness someone I knew to be a competitive runner being tripped up at the very start by a woman who was clearly only walking.

I think if you are a non competitive runner you simply have to get there early.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was delighted with my time of 33mins.

Rhona said...

The 'red tag' system worked really well for those of us who wanted to race competitively. The area allowed us the luxury of been able to warm up as per our usual routine for races & then line up. For the first time in years I enjoyed this race rather than dread the hassle it caused. The atmosphere at the start was great & the music really gets you going. I thought the course itself was well stewarded & the finish area was very well organised. Well done to all involved in facilitating those of us who wanted to race but also run to raise money for our chosen charities. Rhona

OB said...

I agree with seperating the runners and walkers but not every runner is a member of a club. I was running and managed to get quite close to the front but there was an elderly lady in front of me who could easily have been knocked down. There was absolutely no room for a warm up. Maybe something like the marathon's system would work better with people graded by their speed. There could very easily have been injuries when the stewards removed the barriers from the front. Enjoyable run overall though. Definately a nicer day than the marathon!

Anonymous said...

hearing that some people tok short cut on sunday???? what were all the stewards doing!!!