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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

More info on the Clonakilty Marathon & Half-Marathon

Back on Saturday the 21st of August, I put up a post about the new proposed Marathon, Half-Marathon and 10k in Clonakilty in West Cork and it attracted a fair few comments. One major issue raised was the fact that there is also a Half-Marathon in Waterford on the day in question which the 11th of December.

The entry fees have now been announced for each event.

Marathon....the entry fee for this will be €55 (€65 after the 27th of Nov). Considering that it is likely to attract small numbers, this may be seen as expensive.

Half-Marathon....the entry fee for the Half will be €45 (€55 after the 27th of Nov). This is certainly expensive and is on a par with all of the other commercial races. While a lot of locals may opt for it, runners from further afield will have a choice of events. Do they pay €45 and go to Clonakilty for the Half or do they go to Waterford for the Half there and pay €22 (late entry fee of €30)? The Waterford event is now a well established successful event and it's going to be hard to convince runners to travel to West Cork and pay twice the Waterford entry fee.

10 Fun-Run....The entry fee for this one is €25 (€30 after the 27th of Nov). Why anyone would pay €25 for a fun run is completely beyond me but to each their own I suppose ;o)

The online page for entries is HERE

What do you think now the entry fees have been announced? Will you be going? Click on the comment link below.


Anonymous said...

Ya guys very expensive indeed . It does not surprise me one bit .
I have registered for Amsterdam in October 55 Euro !!!!
I`ve already done Paris this April for the same I think - maybe even cheaper .
10 Euro for the Cork to Cobh race is great and should be the bench mark @ 67 cent a mile .

Anonymous said...

Yes I'll still be going. Did Water ford last year and its a very well organised event, however running out and back a dual carriageway for the majority of the race was quite boring.
I live about 30 miles from Clon and about 70 miles from Waterford so the difference in the entry fees would nearly be the extra petrol money.
I reckon Clon would be a fantastic scenic route, therefore its Clon for me
Heading to Dingle on Sat and that race entry was much more expensive than Clon

Anonymous said...

It is cheaper than the other West Cork event - Bantry Bay run rip off - the price of that is pure cheeky. However after paying €6 in Ballycotton last week and before paying €5 in Togher this evening for very efficient and professionally run races - how could we consider that a fair price! Membership in a club for a year would be about €50 and that could give you as many as 200 runs in a year. So, who will be making the profit out of the run in Clonakilty? A local community group or some enterprising person hoping for a nice profit?

Anonymous said...


those prices for half marathon & 10km are an absolute scandal. Rip off republic is still alive I see.
As a regular participant on the local road racing scene, I advise my fellow athletes to vote with their feet and boycott races with such high prices.

Anonymous said...

€25 for 10k?????
Obviously they must think its taking place on 11/12/05!
But back then even nobody would even spend €15 on a 10k!!

Anonymous said...

Signed up for Waterford, bit further to drive from Cork but on principle I won't pay over the top! €22 vs €45 for the same sort of event?

Unknown said...

On behalf of the organizing committee of the Clonakilty Waterford Marathon, I would like to thank you for your comments regarding pricing. We are a not for profit group and are self funding this event. We hope beyond hope to break even financially this year. It is our intention to funnel any profits from the event into a road running/athletics club for Clonakilty which will be established in 2011 with the assistance of Athletics Ireland’s regional development team.

The entry fees reflect our intention to organize a high quality event with top class facilities for runners. The races will be chip timed over officially measured (Jones Counter measured) distances. Each participant will receive a unique technical running shirt and a commemorative medal. The event will carry full public liability insurance, medical and first aid support will be provided to an exceptionally high standard and massage for weary limbs will be provided on the day. Hydration throughout the races, race fuelling and recovery fluids will also be provided. We are all marathon runners (plodders) who understand the demands of distance running and will endeavor to organize this event to the highest possible standard whether 50 or 500 people enter.

In posting this response, it is not my intention to advertise our event, merely to introduce who we are, what we are trying to achieve and briefly outline why we have chosen to set our entry fees at this level. Should you wish to contact us directly please do not hesitate to email us on . Alternatively you could check out our website at .

Thanks for the interest in our event.


Anonymous said...

you make a very good case for your marathon and half-marathon fees and I for one am happy to sign up for the half-marathon and am looking forward to a new race in an area that i feel is in the need of more races. However, i think there is absolutely NO justification for charging €25 for a 10km 'fun run' and i think this is probably the aspect that has annoyed a lot of people, it just shouts rip-off. The same refuelling, recovery aids, etc, are simply not required for a 10km run, a simple water station should suffice.
this being said, I am looking forward to the half-marathon and i wish you the very best of luck and I really really hope this event is successful for the people of Clon.

Anonymous said...

WHAT? 25 euros for a 10K...Are you kidding me?
I live in a few miles from Clon and was looking forward to participating ..I will NOT be taking part at that price..On principal.
I have looked at the marathon and half marathon courses..Looping back on yourself round Inchydoney on that awful narrow pot holed road? Errr WHY? Presumably to 'advertise' the hotel and beach.....say no more. The marathon course is certainly not going to be attractive for first-timers..Hilly is an understatement.
Events as ambitious as this need to be built up to gain reputation and trust. I would have started with a reasonably priced and well organized 10K and built up from there.

Anonymous said...

fun run prices are a joke!!!My friends and I are meant to be doing it for charity but not at that price all other 10km such as clonmel are 10-12 euro!!Its a fun run I dont expect massages/fancy hydration etc especially as I could end up jogging/walking alot of it!Have they not noticed we are in a RECESSION!

Anonymous said...

I ran clon marathon n 3 07, just wondering how much extra time those hills would add compared to dublin course, heard someone i beat by 5 minutes, said they ran dublin n 2'58,tanx