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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another look at the Ballycotton '10' results...
I received a mail during the week from Colin O'Herlihy. He has taken the Ballycotton '10' results, taken the splits for 5 miles and has generated a new set of results showing the race positions at the 5 Mile mark and comparing them to the final positions. You can get a good feel from that as to who went too fast and how much they lost in the 2nd half.

Colin wrote..."One final bit of stats, a total of 1,277 people (54.0%) improved their race position during the second half, 17 people (0.7%) held the exact same position and 1,072 people (45.3%) lost ground. The biggest gain was one of 538 places by Colum O'Sullivan (M/unatt/Ballincollig), who eventually finished in position 1,571".

I have put the results that Colin sent me up on this webpage.


Colin O'Herlihy said...

And for those of you still not bored to death by the stats.......per Chip times, only 429 finishers (18.1%) ran a negative split. How much of this is attributable to each of the following, (i) the course profile - the first half would appear faster or (ii)the unexpected heat on the day or (iii) the mad dash out of Ballycotton village and down onto the Bog Road!

John Quigley said...

More stats John,
5 people ran the second half 5 mins or more fster tahn the first half. 14 people in total ran 4 mins or more faster, while the figures for 3, 2 1nd 1 min faster are: 23, 73 and 184.

288 people, including me (modesty & all!!), gained 100 or more places. the most, by over 150 places was Colum O'Sullivan of Ballincollig, who gained 538 places in the second half!!

Colin O'Herlihy said...

And finally.......for the 79.1% of us who might be feeling guilty for not running a negative split, interestingly, only 3 of the top 100 finishers did so; although, significantly, Barbara Sanchez, winner of the womens race was one of those three.

John Griffin, Cork said...

Could I vent my anger, frustration and dissappointment at how certain running organisations have the gaul and the cheek to charge over the price extortionate amounds of money for road races that start from 5Kms to 5 mile races to 10 mile races half marathons to marathons. In this day and age we are in a recession or to some peopole it seems like a depression and that any runner in Ireland who loves their running and enjoys the day out can be forced to fork out so much money for there pleasures. I think it's a down right disgrace in this day and age. I would urge strongly all the Irish running public to perhaps stand together and stamp out this disgusting and sickening way that we are all forced to fork out so much money. It's high time we said NO to these over priced races. I could also say furthermore that these races need to be boycotted by all of us and we need to stand up and say enough is enough. John Griffin, Cork.