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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Preview of the Cork BHAA 'Janssen' 4 Mile Road Race - Sun 7th Mar 2010...
While Janssen are new on the scene regarding organising Cork BHAA races, the course itself in Little Island is exactly the same as the FMC  4 mile road race back at the end of January.

As the course is exactly the same with the same race hq then you can see the previous preview for the Cork BHAA FMC 4 mile race HERE. Just remember that the race starts at 11am next Sunday and the start point is about 1 mile from the registration point.

While it may seem a little boring to do the exact same course again, it is however a very good test of what your current level of fitness is like. As the course is exactly the same as 5 weeks ago, any improvement in fitness should result is a faster time.

Expect a big turnout.....arrive early

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Anonymous said...

Walkers are also welcome to the Janssen 4 mile race on Sunday 7th of March.
Walkers will start at 10.30a.m