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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weather forecast for the 2010 Ballycotton '10'...(Updated Sun 9am)
Update.....Good news! It looks as if the weak cold front passed over early this morning. It is cloudy at the moment (9am) but there is sunshine on the way! Conditions should be bright and dry for the race.

First of all, this is what Met Eireann are predicting....

"Rather cloudy Sunday morning with rain extending to eastern areas, but drier, brighter weather following in the west and northwest. However probably staying rather cloudy in midland, eastern and southern areas in the afternoon with further rain at times. Mild with top temperatures of 10 to 14 degrees."

What they are not saying is that a weak cold front will pass over the Sunday morning and it's very difficult to say what the actual weather will be like for the race. It might rain, it might not. There might be short showers or they might be longer.

All you can really say is that....
1) The temperature is likely to be around 12 deg C so it will be milder than recent years.
2) The wind is roughly from the South-West and it probably won't be that strong. The direction and strength may well change as the front passes over.
3) It will probably be cloudy. Wall to wall sunshine is unlikely.

What it will probably mean is that roughly speaking, the wind will be behind the runners for the first half of the race and into their faces for the 2nd half.

In truth, it will be one of those days where you just have to turn up and see how it turns out. It might rain for the duration of the race or it might be bone dry. Hopefully, it will be the latter ;o)

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