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Friday, March 19, 2010

Important announcent from the organisers of the Ballycotton '10'...
The following message has just been released by Ballycotton Running Promotions, the organisers of the Ballycotton '10' race

Remember, if you cannot take part in Sunday’s race for whatever reason under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you give your number to another runner. 
Some people are still under the illusion that they don’t want their number ‘wasted’ and think they are doing someone a favour – you are not doing anything of the sort, especially to us organisers. 
The medical and legal implications of a runner getting into distress wearing a wrong number should be clear to everyone. On the entry form which was signed by each entrant it stated clearly: ‘I also agree not to transfer my race number to another runner’ – this too could pose legal difficulties for the person passing it on. 
Wearing someone else’s number also causes headaches in trying to produce accurate results and can even deny a genuine runner a prize. This year we will have a video recording of the finish specifically to weed out people wearing the incorrect number and anyone caught doing so will be harshly dealt with. 
So, the message is – don’t even think about it. If you know someone who is contemplating doing so, pass on this warning or give us their name anonymously and we will deal with them.  
Running with another runner’s number is dangerous, it’s a nuisance (to put it mildly) and it’s cheating – and we don’t want CHEATS in our race......Ballycotton Running Promotions

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