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Monday, March 22, 2010

2010 Ballycotton '10' photos...(Updated Wed 31st March)
After digesting the results, now it's time to check out the photos and we have loads of them.

1) Paudie Birmingham has several galleries ready...
A gallery of 95 photos of the start...
...and several galleries of shots out around the 400m to go mark.....remember that? Top of the last hill where you thought the finish line would never appear ;o)
A gallery of 24 photos of those heading for a time of under 58 minutes.
....65 photos of runners under 65 minutes...
....121 photos of runners under 75 minutes..
....and 106 photos of other finishers over 75 minutes.

2) Pat O'Driscoll has a gallery of 104 photos up on the Eagle AC website. I like this one above.....see how far back the field stretches! I wonder how long it takes for someone at the very back to get over the start line???

3) Darren Spring has 241 photos on his race photo website HERE. (Updated Mon 22nd March 10:30pm)

4) Alan Bannon has a large gallery of 676!! photos on the Eagle AC website HERE. (Updated Wed 24th March 6:30am)

5) There are some commercial photos available from Finishline Photographs HERE. (Updated Wed 24th March 10pm)

6) There is a large gallery of photos of the finish line HERE. These were taken by Rose Gowan and can be purchased in large format if you want to. (Updated Sat 27th March 7am)

7) Irene Hartigan of UCC AC has a gallery of 151 photos HERE. (Updated Sun 28th March 7pm)

8) John Hennessy has a gallery of 40 photos HERE. (Updated Wed 31st March)


Darren said...

In answer to your question. I'm fairly sure the announcer said the record was 2 minute and 49 seconds for the last person to cross the line.

Donal O'Donoghue said...

Comparing Chip times to Gun times, the biggest difference was 2:58.

I won't reveal who this last person to cross the start was, other than to say that they were far from the last to cross the finish line !

17 people got away in the first second, peaking at 35 in the fifth second, but on average 13.3 people per second crossed the start line.

Anonymous said...

Let me put this way,If the fifth runner past the start line was first man over the finish line then chip time would not count.

Anonymous said...


I know ye are commenting about chip times however I need to make this point- I was due to run Sunday but I was injured, so i went down to support my friends. The one issue I would have with the run was that it was virtually near on impossible to find a bin. I know this is minor but I had two children with me and when they gave me rubbish I didn’t have anywhere to put it???? Now i know there was a bin outside the shop BUT a few bin liner bags would not have gone a miss. Petty I know in comparison to chip times but i felt it had to be said. Especially with the crowds getting larger every year???

Anonymous said...

Love comment 4,when we are all talking about chip times,winnner of the race,records etc,etc. along comes this person with a classic, just goes to show thats there's more to racing besides time keeping.