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Monday, June 01, 2009

Results of the 2009 Cork City Marathon & Relay...
Having run the Cork Marathon for the last 3 years, I think I can honestly say that this one was the warmest so far. Even before the start, it seemed very mild which was a contrast to last year when it seemed to be pretty cool before the race started.

Needless to say, in these warm conditions most target times were unrealsitic and a lot of people, both Mararthon runners and Relay runners struggled today in the heat. The temperature for the 2nd half of the Marathon was up around 23 deg C and nearly all of us are not used to running in these conditions. The photo above shows some runners at around the 3 mile mark and you can see that the heat is beginning to have an impact already.

Some observations....
1) Water stations.........those little 250ml bottles of water were excellent. Just big enough to get a decent amount of water and light enough to carry. Best of all, you could drink on the move, something that is almost impossible with cups. I wonder if there were enough bottles left for the slower runners?....I hope so.

2) Lucozade Sport......I thought we were going to get the foil pack version but at the time I was going through, they were giving out 500ml bottles. Considering the heat, I decided to drink everything so I ended up drink a litre of the stuff ;o)
I reckon that overall, I must have drank about 2.5 litres of liquid. A huge amount compared to what I needed to drink for the Dublin City Marathon last October (7 deg C).

3) Sponges........I ususally don't bother but they were a godsend on a hot day like today.

4) Relay Runners......As most of you know, there has been been a bit of a debate going on here about the merits or otherwise of having a Relay stage in the Cork City Marathon. During the race today, I was glad that there were so many Relay runners around. I found myself running on my own a lot with large gaps between the Marathon runners. When I ran the Dublin Marathon, there were loads of groups and you could find somebody running at your own pace. Without the Relay runners today, it would have been like doing a Marathon on my own. The Cork Marathon without the Relay runners would be pointless.

5) Stewards and Volunteers.......Excellent as always. It's great to see people giving up their time to help out for the day and we all owe them a debt of gratitude. seems that it was another successful Cork Marathon & Relay.........but why did it have to be so hot!! ;o)

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Results........The Results of the Full Marathon are HERE.

The Results of the Relay Team are HERE.

The list of prizes given out are HERE.


Photos........ (Updated Tues 9th @ 10:00pm)
1) Paudie Birmingham was quick off the mark with a nice series of photos.........Pre-Race, near the 1 Mile Mark, the 3 Mile Mark and near the middle of the race.
2) Eagle AC have a set of 80 photos on their website.
3) David Bradshaw has a set of 458 photos on this Flickr photo gallery.
4) Eagle AC have another set of 214 photos by Pat O'Driscoll.
5) A series of shots mainly on the Grand Parade after the start by Doug M.
6) A set of 473 photos on Flickr.
7) A searchable gallery HERE. Just enter your bib number.
8) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has 2 galleries of photos mostly near the 26 mile mark up on the Eagle AC website........451 here and 317 here
9) Some commercial photos are now available HERE. Just enter your bib number or surname if you are a Marathon runner. For Relay runners, you have to put a letter (A-E) before your number. Doesn't matter which letter, all photos from that team will show up. (Note that there seems to be a problem with the search facility at the moment.


Anonymous said...

The other facility that was provided to-day which was a God send was the Showers along the route , provided by very thoughtful residents !!!!

Terri said...

I finished my first marathon today at just about 5 hrs 30 minutes. SLOWER than I hoped but I'm now part of the "marathon finishers" club.

Great race...but HOT! I found the stretch after the Jack Lynch Tunnel VERY hot, because of the massive roads and no trees. In contrast, the Marina area was lovely.

There was plenty of water for the slow runners, but no Lucozade at either mile 15.5 OR mile 20. A HUGE disappointment to me, but my family was able to get some for me at mile 20, which was a great help.

Thanks to all the volunteers in making today a great day. Couldn't be done without them!!!

frankeee said...

Congrats to all, was a bit envious this morning seeing everyone at the start line, but as the temperature rose I was glad I was a spectator. Maybe the organisers should consider an 8.00am start although no doubt this would guarantee rain and cold...

John Desmond said...

Terri....congrats on finishing your first Marathon. Running for 5 hours 30 mins in that heat is some going.

Anonymous said...

Am delighted I have completed my first marathon, got in at about 4hrs 14. Made the typical beginner's mistake, cruised through the first 14 miles on target for a 4 hr finish, and absolutely died in the 2nd half- Should have adjusted my target time at the start whden it was so hot. The lough has never seemed so big! Water stations were excellent, though I did hear of some stations running out for later runners? The support was fantastic and is an essential part of any marathon. Thank you John for a fantastic blog in the lead up to yesterday and well done to all involved. Elaine.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you John. It was the warmest of the 3 this year. Thought the water bottles were excellent and plenty of stops along the way. Just wondering though. Did anyone else find the mile markers hard to see out along the course. I missed 5 of them out along the course which made it hard to gauge how you were going. A big thanks to the families who ran the showers out along the course. They were super. The support out the course was great and the relay runners were great. It wouldn't be the same without them. Well done to everyone who took part yesterday and all those who volunteered to make the event possible.

Anonymous said...

My only complaint was the long gaps between water stations in the middle part of thee race. I think the organizers should have reacted to the weather conditions by having more water stations between miles 12 and 20.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I think there is no doubt that in the heat, which was like the desert yesterday at times it was great to have the relay runners, this is was my third marathon and my worst time, but to be honest I am just happy I finished, at the Lough, which is about a mile from my family home, all I wanted to do was give up and running on the straight road, all I wanted to do was jump into the Lee, for about five mins I thought this was a good idea!. I was not able for the heat and the only thing that got me home was knowing that there was people at the end waiting. I think there must be someway of starting earlier, if they are going to have it on Bank holiday monday. I dont know about ye, but I drank so much water that I was getting pains in my stomach. One thing that could be changed is a different food choice at the end...I cant stand bananas! Anyway, even though the didnt spring for a running t-shirt, I can honestly say I earned that one the hard way...and will wear that one with pride...Well done to all, and thanks for the blog.


Paul said...

I was disappointed at the end to receive only a hard banana for my endeavors, a snickers and soda would have been welcome considering the expense of the race.

Larkin said...

I agree with Frankeee, an 8 a.m. start would make more sense. I did the short 3.2 mile leg. I think it was about 9:30 when I got there off the shuttle bus - more than an hour before my changeover. Had to stand on the side of the road with no shade and was dehydrated before I even started running. But how can I moan when so many went for 26.2 miles in that sub-Saharan heat :)

I saw one ambulance crew doing some work at about mile 11 or 12. I hope too many people didn't succumb to dehydration.

Anonymous said...

It is 11AM Tue morning and the results are not up yet.Its just ridiculous carry on that this kind of inefficiency is tolerated.It could only happen in Cork.They always seem to cock up something.Why dont they get real amatures like Ballycotton Running Promotions to do the results and then we would have had them early yesterday evening.Chips how are you????????

Eddie Byrne said...

Hat's off to the organisers of the whole event yesterday. There was plenty of much needed water on the course & ample stewards along the way, special thanks to these stewards who had to stay out in the relentless sun all day.

There is no better feeling than running down Patrick Street on a glorious sunny day with the crowd cheering you on & John Cashman calling out your name, it almost makes the previous 26 miles worth it.

Here here for your views on the relay runners as like the stewards without them we probably would'nt have a Cork City Marathon.

Anonymous said...

Finished my first marathon in just over fours hours in Cork. The heat was tough but there were lots of areas to avail of shade. The first half of the straight road for example was shaded to one side.
The little bottles of water were perfectly designed for the job. The bulky bottles of lucozade, not so much! I ended up drinking about a third and dumping the rest. Seems a shame when I knew people would be coming well behind me and they'd be no lucozade left for them!
Sponges too were a Godsend. I picked one up early on and kept refilling it with extra water and at garden hoses along the way. Really helped to stave off the worst of the heat and cool aching legs.
Volunteers were excellent as usual. As were the supporters...from early on in Blackpool to that long slow run up the Western Road. To be honest, once I hit County Hall I knew I could do it and ended up enjoying the last couple of miles, hard and all as they were.
On the whole, very little I'd change for next year.

RoyMcC said...

A great race, organisation, atmosphere, spectator participation, everything. Cork should be very proud. And my total respect for anyone who ran the full 26.2 in those conditions yesterday.

Unknown said...

Finished my first marathon yesterday in 4hr 24, didn't think i was going to finish at the 21 mile mark. Heat was crazy,the event was organized brilliantly. legs killing me today, but worth it.

Anonymous said...

Well done to all the Marathon runners in Cork today, what a super effort in such hot conditions, though great for all the spectators who lined the streets and showed their support for so many people running for so many Great Causes.......lets hope some relay runners were inspired to go a bit further next year!


Anonymous said...

I ran my first ever marathon yesterday, in 3hrs 30 but found the conditions for the last 6 miles about ten times tougher than I had imagined they would be. I'm glad somebody else found the mile markers hard to spot - I also missed 5 of them, all in the middle section of the race. It's the only complaint I would have it what was a superably well organised event. P.S. Is there any indication as to when the results will be available? PPS Congratulations John on a superb website - keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Comment for Blog
City hall queues for baggage: need to be 2 distinct lines for marathon and relay,this is not meant as a bitchy anti-relay comment but asking a person who could be running for 2.30 - 6 hours to queue for 10/15 minutes at 8:30 was not helpful, (and then standing around at start for a further 10/15(which is unavoidable)), might be considered for next year. I think the organisers got almost everything else right.
Now if they could roof the carrigrohane straight....

Carrie said...

Finished my first marathon in 4:34, delighted.
I found all the election banners misleading on route, the red ones looked like mile markers and the blue ones looked like water station markers! If ever there was an argument against election banners.......
well done to all

Anonymous said...

Is there some way we could petition the organisers to start the Cork Marathon at 7 or 8 in the morning? Any ideas?

mise said...

Great organisation and water was fab. It was my first marathon and I had trained in winter and spring. found the weather dreadful. Any chance they could change it to May bank holiday. Will try Dublin instead next year. Training in summer and running in autumn sound a little easier!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Finished close to 4 hrs 30. My first marathon. Had dreamt of a sub-4 hours and made the rookie mistake of ignoring the little voice in my head and going out a little fast. The first 10 miles felt great but I paid for it in the last 10. I cramped up like crazy.

Thank you to Colm - a relay runner who finished on the model farm road - for giving me a rub down and getting me back on my way. Thanks also to - the volunteers, people with hoses, the lady in carrigrohane with the orange segments, the people with jellys, the supporters and fellow runners both relay and marathoners who kept me moving towards the finish.

I ran a far from perfect race and have a lot to learn from it. Delighted by the crowd and the atmosphere though. Rounding the top of Patrick St. is something special alright.

Unknown said...

hi John,

Thanks to Cork bhaa, Cork city council, AAI, the sponsors and the people of Cork for a great event.


P.S. Thanks for the great blog

Unknown said...

Thanks to The Cork Bhaa, Cork city council, AAI, The sponsors and the Cork people for a great event.

P.S. Thanks for the great blog John.




Anonymous said...

Just like to congratulate you on a fantastic performance. 31st place in 3.06 is some performance. Would love to know if you suffered at any stage or did it all go to plan.
I had a big plan about pacing except that I had nothing to pace against as I missed more mile markers than I say so that plan failed bigtime. Plan B was to finish which I did.(eventually!!)
Other than the mile markers I would like to thank the organisers for a fantastic event.

GrangeWeb said...

I blistered at 17 when on track for 4.30 and hobbled rest of way.

Well organised overall but I hear relay runners had to q for medals at City hall with 2 people handing them out and one of the water stages ran out of water and I never saw Lucozade sport except gallons of bottles on the ground :-)

The small water bottles saved lives definitely as they were compact in hand and could be carried through to next stage.

TBH if I woke up next year and it was this hot I wouldn't do it as if you haven't trained in it you cant run it - look at the splits for half and full.

Well done overall to Gina and team.

John Desmond said...

Would love to know if you suffered at any stage or did it all go to plan.......I think everyone suffered last Monday. I had a rough plan of what my splits should be but I knew on Patricks street before we started that the plan was out the window. I think it was the same for was just a case of doing your best in the difficult conditions.

Ger said...

I was happy to have completed my first marathon in just under 5 hours...though I wish the time was better but the heat really flattened me..First half 2 hours..Second half nearly 3..I found the 3 mile gap between The Lough and Model Farm Road the hardest , too long without water..Maybe they might consider a water station close to the church next year, maybe get the water blessed too , lol.....Looking forward to Dublin to try and better that time in October...Also John , thanks a million for this blog..I started running only last July when I did the Churchtown South run..and ever since,this blog keeps the interest keen..Congrats on your time on Monday also...Great work John.Well done and thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Atmosphere unreal, Cork people great for support and encouragement. Ran 1st marathon and found the heat unbearable the whole way. Only for great friends I wouldnt have got through it. Bad idea to have it in June. Did it in 4.27 and am delighted but heat put me off for life!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great day! The heat was awful, but I enjoyed the experience. I ran the last leg of the relay and I want to be on the starting line, wearing a red number next year!

Anonymous said...

just a liitle off the beaten track john but a number of people who were stationed out at the lough said that the first 3 runners out at the lough went straight through and never went around.this was caused by stewards not being ready in time.The garda tried to flag down the runners but it was too late.This was said to me by more than one,if its true it would be a shame.
terry higgins.

Anonymous said...

Well done to all who took part, very enjoyable day.I ran 12.3 miles and hope to run the full 26.2 next year.
When running around The Lough I noticed a few runners ran the inside path (along by the waters edge) while the majority ran the outer path. I know advice is given to take the shortest route possible and overall there isn't a major difference in length but I felt that they could have done with a few more stewards out there to keep the runners along the same route.
Thanks to the organisers for putting on a great race!

Anonymous said...

will you get rid of Terri's comment fast, they might make us run it again!!!
Can I add a further comment on the help I received, which I should have done much earlier.
From mile 20 on I was in serious trouble with cramps,so to the following spectators:
to the lady on the bike on Model Farm road you cycled along with me and gave me her water,
to the guy at the 21 mile mark who watered my calves,
to the people at both the water stops on Carrigrohane Road for their support and encouragement, and most importantly to the guy at the 24 mile water stop who spent 5 minutes massaging my legs and stretching me out.
I don't know any names but it was amazing support and kindness and thats what is so good about the running community

Anonymous said...

had a great day on monday completed the marathon in 5hrs 28 mins slower than i had hoped but from 20 miles on struggled more than i expected. thanks to the belgium lady romi who stuck with me and got me to the end.crossed the finish line and said cant wait for dublin !!!!!!

John Desmond said...

Somebody left the following comment on the blog. I have no way of verifying if the name given was genuine or whether the comment was meant as a personal message to me or not. So, I am publishing it here with the senders name omitted.........

"I'd ask you to remove Terry Higgins' comment below as unverified rumours are usually inaccurate and exaggerated. From what I have figured out, it may have been the first couple of "RELAY Runners" who went straight on and not the first 3 runners, but I don't have any facts to support this except looking closely at relay splits and past form of these runners. Anyone who knows about Marathons would know that the lead runner can't go astray as the lead car and motorbikes are with them all around the course. Its a pity that these inaccurate rumours have gained momentum and people have failed to consider fact.......Anonymous"..................

My reply....
Having reviewed Terry's comment, I really can't see anything wrong with it. He heard that there was some problem with the front relay runners and he mentioned it.

Others have mentioned the same details to me that there was a problem with the front Relay runners taking the wrong route. Nobody mentioned anything to me to suggest that the front Marathon runners took the wrong route...(Note that the Relay runners would obviously be faster than the Marathon runners and would have reached the Lough first).

The problem I presume was due to the fact that the lead car cannot go around the Lough and had to stay on the road, hence taking the shorter route and the front relay runners followed it.

It's very easy to be wise after the event and say what should have been done to prevent it. Obviously it was a serious mistake and all that the organisers can do now is to prevent it happening again.

On the subject of the Lough, I also heard that some of the 'slower' runners took the shorter inside route along the waters edge of the Lough instead of the proper route which was along the outside path. This Lough section seems to be a source of a lot of problems.

To conclude, removing comments from this blog is not the solution nor is it the right thing to do. Perhaps if the organisers issued a clarification, it might clear up the situation. There is no point in trying to stop people discussing information which is already out there in the public domain......John Desmond

Anonymous said...

hi john
just to clarify it was the relay runners i was refering to and i did so from the point of view of making sure it doesn't happen again.Small things like this can tarnish a reputation of an event,so it is better to openly discuss the problems,so that they are solved and the Cork city marathon can improve from year to year.i think this forum is a great way to discuss and improve running in cork.tks terry higgins.p.s. i checked my info before commenting.

Anonymous said...

9) Some commercial photos are now available HERE. Just enter your bib number or surname. Note that they seem to be Marathon runners only.

To get photos of relay runners, you have to put a letter (A-E)before their number. Doesn't matter which letter, all photos from that team will show up.

Anonymous said...

John, that link for the marathon photos wont open when you enter your bib no it just freezes.. is there any other way we can open it up. Cheers.

John Desmond said...

The problem seems to be with the ASI Photo website. Try again later and it might have been fixed.