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Monday, June 22, 2009

Results of the poll...What was your longest race in 2008?
This poll has been up for quite a while so it's about time it was taken down and a new put up in it's place.
The poll question was "What was your longest race in 2008?" and a variety of distances on offer to be selected and 364 people took the time to take part.
Results........I kind of expected that the majority would be in the 5 kms / 4 miles / 5 miles category but it only accounted for 8%. Another suprise was that 41% answered that they had done a full Marathon in 2008! It seems very high. I presume that any of the relay runners in the 2008 Cork City Marathon or Ladies mini-marathon runners would not have ticked the Full Marathon box?
Leaving the Marathon results aside, an impressive 39% selected the 10 mile to 15 mile category. Even if there are errors in the Marathon numbers, the final figure for races of 10 miles or above is still at least 60% . It's great to see the majority of people testing themselves over the medium distances and not confining themselves to the shorter races. There are not so many of these medium distance races around and they deserve to be supported.

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Grellan said...

Maybe those that ran shorter distances weren't comfortable with voting. Either that or the majority of your readers are long distance runners.