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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Results of the Cork BHAA 'John Buckley Sports' 5 km road race - Tues 16th June 2009
Last year in 2008, there were 486 finishers in this race and that was a record crowd. This year, there were about 695 runners taking part....a 43% increase on last year. If you look at the results for 5 years ago, the same race attracted 326 runners so when you compare the 2009 figure to it, you get some idea of the scale of the increase. Getting almost 700 entries for what is just a local 5k road race is pretty amazing.

The big numbers however bring some unique problems such as the finishing chutes filling up too quickly. That happened in the 2008 race and was even worse tonight with slower runners forced to stop well short of the finishing line.
This problem isn't so bad at long distance races where the field is spread out but in a 5km race, the race isn't long enough for the big gaps to appear. The usual solution is to have multiple parallel finishing chutes and as soon as one fills, another one is opened. Whether that was an option on a public road tonight, I'm not sure. Someone suggested to me that a viable option would be to revert to the old 4 mile route....put the start up near Pairc Ui Chaoimh and put the finish down on the quite cul de sac to the power station.
Another suggestion is to push the start for the existing 5 km route up around 300 metres and then have the finish around the corner again on the cul de sac to the power station.
Whatever solution is found, something will have to be done as it's not fair or right to have slower runners not being able to reach the finish line and get an accurate finish time.
Results.......the full results are now available HERE.

Photos...(Updated Wed 17th June)
1) Donal O'Donoughue has an album of 163 photos on a gallery website. Select the photo and click on it. Then click on the magnifying glass logo to zoom in.
2) Denis Kelliher of Midleton AC has sent me a few photos as well. They are now up on a photo website here.
3) Jorge Ruiz Villasante very kindly put up a set of some excellent looking photos on this photo gallery.

Any opinions on the race? Did you get caught up in the backlog in the finishing chute? Click on the Comment link below...


Unknown said...

the people handing out flyers to the runners in the chute do not help the back-up issues


Anonymous said...

I didn't mind getting caught in the back log at the finish but I couldn't help notice one girl in particular take advantage of the chance to run ahead about 10-15 people in the queue.

Unknown said...

I was in just under 21 minutes and it was just getting a little crowded . I probably lost 3 or 4 places because people behind me couldn`t stop , not their fault .
Otherwise a great race , definitly one to do a PB in .
Refreshments afterwards in the clubhouse top class .

GrangeWeb said...

Great night! I was stuck in the finishing lines as well but it didn't bother me just pop up the head check the time.

It is absolutely stupendous to have such great numbers. As John points out this is a HUGE increase. I remember 15 years ago 120-150 running these races and we thought that was a lot then!

I am sure the lads in John Buckleys were also surprised by the turnout but it is great for Cork running, Dublin must be looking on with jealousy.

The important thing however is not to lose the momentum and to make sure that people have a good experience. Now is the time for the BHAA and others to look around for increased sponsorship for what is now a booming sport in Cork and to moved on to the next level for this sport.

Well done again !!

Liam said...

Massive turn out. They could have charged 15 euro and gave us all a t shirt and they would have made more money too. The finish was crowded alright but its expected at this short distance. Maybe if a person handed out finishing positions as the runners crossed the line and then register your number with your position slip at the club house so there would not be such a que on the line.

Anonymous said...

Is it time to avoid the shorter runs and stick to the 10 miles + til things calm down on the running scene ?

gettingthere said...


I really enjoyed the race last nite!! It truely is a great way of meting people HOWEVER I was really annoyed when i discovered that i was meant to take my time at the clock. I didnt know so I didnt look at it. Now I wont know the real time I did the run in. The start of the race was a bit annoying aswell but it was expected with the crowds I suppose?

Great evening otherwise!

John Dunphy said...

Hi John,

I don't think that this race should be changed from a 5k to a 4 mile race,with that amount of runner's would an extra 0.8 of a mile solve the problem of people queuing up before they reach the finish I'm not to sure if it would,This race and course is ideal for runner's to get out there and give it a real go at getting a PB and let's face it that's what we turned up to do last night and go all out and get a PB over 5k on the fastest 5k course on the running scene in Cork,I'm sure that the BHAA will review the situation after seeing what happened last night with huge number's and see what can be done to get runner's through the finishing line and getting a place and time which all deserve but hopefully without the need to take away the 5k distance that attracts so many of us to the marina,after all there is so much 5 mile and 4 mile race's through out the year but very few 5k race's, and let's face it there is no other race over the same distance that has the same attraction as the John Buckley sports 5k has.Just a mention to all that travelled from Kerry and other county's fair play to all of you for your continued support of this race.

John Dunphy
Midleton Ac

Unknown said...

Ya the start is annoying alright when people refuse to move back and everything gets delayed. We always start at the back and I'm always amazed that everybody insists on not moving back when asked. Between the false start and people not moving last night I think we lost about 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

The BHAA has been great for the development of road racing in the Cork area. It is perhaps now becoming a victim of its own success, there needs to be an acceptance that the single finish tunnel and pen and paper results system that worked so well for 100-200 runners is not up to dealing with the huge increase in numbers. There also needs to be more input from runners in terms of helping out at races it is a case of the same old faces officiating at each race, these guys do it for the love of the sport but are greatly overworked. I think that the BHAA should try to encourage more runners to commit to helping out at races there is maybe a feeling among runners that if you volunteer once you will be caught to do other races for the rest of the year. How about a scheme where those helping out at one race get free entry to another race via a voucher, might encourage more runners to officiate/steward for a night?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering is it a massive ordeal to do chips to help with the timing? Could the ones from the marathon be used?

I thought it was an excellent race and I haven't been racing in over 3 years, running has exploded. Its races like these that are needed to keep promoting the sport so I think we should keep the 5K and even if you lose out on a place or two or a few seconds because you've had to queue, its worth it.

Thanks to John and all the volunteers on the night for making it such a good event.

Angela said...


I really enjoyed the race! I did get cold when I was queuing at the end of it but other than that it was great!!!

The registration fee was fair! please,don't bring it up..let's make this great running events accessible to everyone!!!

Thank You to the Rowing Club for allowing us to use their facilities and thanks to the people who sent photos to the blog, specially Jorge!! They are great!

Anonymous said...

How about investing in a timing mat and every registered runner getting a chip for the year? That would furhter incentivise registeration, give accurate times Not sure of the logistics of having chipped and non chip runners though.

Anonymous said...

When you are in the last dozen or so the people jumping the queue are more annoying than the queue. The BHAA cannot be blamed for that as it is the bad manners of the runners who do jump the queue.

Anonymous said...

Over all a fantastic enjoyable run. There was a great buzz around afterwards. The respect shown to slow runners as well as the fast ones is wonderful. It was a fab course.

claire said...

great race, delighted with my time. i did feel for those that were stopped short of the finish line, as im not a competitive runner it didnt bother me, i just rounded mine off. only started taking part in the road races this year, and am thoroughly enjoying them. must say the efforts of the organisers/clubs is excellent, and i look forward to the next one. thanks.

Derek said...

Fantastic race, well done BHAA. Its getting crazy with so many people. Cork is gone running mad. Check the results, position 506, 25:21, What was that persons parent's thinking when they came up with that name :-)

Anonymous said...

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