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Monday, June 08, 2009

Cork City Marathon Coverage on TV......
The marathon is being covered on Setanta Ireland on this evening, Monday 7th of June at 20:00.
If you haven't got Setanta, you might check out Click on Live Sports and you'll probably have to search under Other Sports. It might be available there as well.
(....with thanks to John Quigley for the above info)
Update Wed 18th June....I tried the link above on the night but considering that the webpage required me to download some software to watch the programme, I gave it a skip. Someone has left a comment however that it can be seen on the Eircom website at the moment...
Just click on that link and the programme appears on extra software required.

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Anonymous said...

Above is a link to the program which works through Eircom Broadband accounts only (setanta sports archive)