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Monday, June 22, 2009

Record traffic for blog...Record numbers at races....a connection???
I'm a bit behind putting up this post but better late than never ;o)

With all of the interest in the Cork City Marathon, the Running in Cork blog received a record number of hits in the month of May. The new record of 15,631 hits exceeded the old record set last March around the time of the Ballycotton 10. That's a 25% increase in traffic which is a huge amount. Already with around a week to go, it looks as if June will be even higher. Just to put that in context, 15k hits per month would almost certainly make it the biggest running related website in Munster and probably in the top 5-10 on a national basis.

It also raises the question if the blog is partly responsible for the record numbers at the recent road races? Take for example the record turnout of nearly 700 runners for the John Buckley Sports 5 km road race. At the end of the day, this is just another local 5 km road race in a busy summer season. Why so many? No doubt, there is a big influx from the Marathon relay runners but how did they find out about the race?........and about the Glanmire race with another record number?

Of course, it's impossible to tell. It's a bit like the 'chicken and egg conundrum'....which came first! Looking at the age profile of all the new runners, it's probably fair to say that the majority are under 40 and as such, would be more 'Internet savvy'. As time goes on, more people are using the Internet to source information. Interested in local running..........go to Google....type in Cork running....and hey presto, up pops this blog on the 1st page of listings.
Chicken or Egg??....looking at the blog traffic and considering the following...
1) If there is a record level of traffic to the blog, this might well result in record numbers at the local races....
2) Record numbers at the races would not necessarily result in record traffic to the blog....after all, how would they know the blog even exists?

Perhaps it's a little bit more Chicken than Egg ;o)


RoyMcC said...

Well done on the success of the blog John. I reckon it's heavily visited because it is invariably up to date with results, fixtures and news as well as the fact that it is well written.

However I'd venture to suggest it has outgrown simple blog status and deserves its own dedicated website. But in any event keep up the good work.

Liam said...

This is the only website I know of in cork that keeps an update of all local races. Without this blog I would not know where the races where not alone where to change and start. This is a wonderful asset to ever runner in cork and if right was right a euro from ever race entrance should go back to the people running this blog.I found this blog by typing in 'cork running' in google and hey presto.... I think every race flyer in cork should make referance to this blog !!!!

It brilliant keep up the good work.

CS said...

This blog is a great way of introducing people to running in Cork. Whenever I meet a runner/ jogger who trains on their own, I always recommend this site. I think then that people are less intimidated by the thought of turning up to a race.

Perhaps to this end, a list of local clubs and contacts on the sidebar might further enable people to enjoy running?

Thanks for the great blog, keep it going please!

Angela said...

Congratulations!!!! It doesn't surprise me at all because you can find helpful information, it's up to date and user friendly!!! Keep it up and thank you very much!! If it wouldn't be for the site, I wouldn't know about most of the races!!!