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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cork City Marathon T-Shirts...........Opinion??
Now that everyone should have collected their race packs, a quick question about the T-Shirts...

What do you think of them?

As you can see from the photo above, this is the t-shirt provided by the main sponsor for the runners doing the full Marathon (complete with printing error....see runners knee! ;o)

To say that the quality is down on the previous 2 years is an understatement.



Anonymous said...

Dreadful to say the least,The colour oh my god and it looks so much cheaper than last year's.

Anonymous said...

Yup pretty ugly and not a great fit :(


I think it looks a whole lot nicer than my London T-shirt!

Anonymous said...

The relay t-shirts are quite nice....but these ones are just UGLY!

Anonymous said...

Very poor quality ...should at least be dri-fit or similar type even if it had all sponsors names , especially for the Marathon Runners. Some relay runners had a nicely designed White T-shirt.

Anonymous said...

the relay t-shirt is superior to it.way classier design.

Anonymous said...

As awful as that t-shirt is, at least it had the year of the race on it - the relay shirt didn't even have that!

I think I'll be using my relay shirt as a throw away before an upcoming race...

Richard said...

It's brutal. Comments on the boards website about it already. Nobody runs around with their medal on but everybody wears their technical tee shirt. I wouldn't go gardening in this one.

Anonymous said...

Ah c'mon John there is a recession on, no more Celtic Tiger largesse.

As 'J' would say they're RANK

Liam Murphy said...

The medals were nice for the marathon, t shirst a bit small even though its a large size, plus its a strange looking logo , C !!

Unknown said...

if it at least had any reference to marathon on the front of the shirt it would have been more acceptable, instead of just 'individual'

Eileen on the run said...

Agree that they should be dri-fit plus it would be absolutely fantastic to get ladies sizes - I'd love to get a shirt that didn't come down to my knees (and I'm not that small!!)

Anonymous said...

Pretty awful, ugliest t-shirt iv ever got!!!!

somahony said...

not a patch on last years t-shirt.

GrangeWeb said...

The red t-shirt was a big disappointment. The white one for relay runners is much smarter with a nice logo on the side.

Owen said...

Relay tee waaaaay better. Too tight at the neck too. It's a shame as it was my first & was looking forward to showing it off. Last years looks much better, sign of the times I suppose.

Anonymous said...

So where does the 60 euro go?

John Quigley said...

"So where does the 60 euro go?"

T Shirts
Goodie Bags (the bags, not contents)
Printing (booklet, instructions etc)
Flyers, Posters
Staff costs
Cleaning Up
Road closures (yes there is a mega fee for Road Closures - not sure if Cork pay corpo for this)
Sundry expenses, etc
The AAI and BHAA receive a contribution for assistance and stewarding the event.
I've probably left out loads of other items.

You'd be surprised how quickly all of these 'small' expenses add up. e.g. Eagle took in approx. €2100 for the Carrigaline 5. At the end of the day, the Club 'made' €135.00, and that makes no allowance for all the sandwiches, cakes, bars etc provided by Club members. The treasurer probably has more expenses on his list that I haven't heard about yet. Eagle did give €600 from the €2100 to Carrigaline Meals on Wheels.

Club races are mainly a (loss making) showcase method of promoting the Club.

Remember, the bigger the event, the bigger the expenses/costs.

There does seem, in the last few years, to be a lot of "commercial races" popping up which charge €50 to €90 for a half-marathon. From what I can see, few, if any, of these carry the same level of expenses as events like the Cork City Marathon. I often wonder where the surplus from these goes? Some do give something to charity, but it often doesn't seem to be as high as one (who organises events) might expect.

John Quigley
Eagle AC

Anonymous said...

THanks for pointing out all those expenses John, i think we don't realise how much all the 'small' things add up to, especially when you consider that the relay entry was only a little bit higher, but meant at least 2 and up to 5 times the number of t-shirts, pins, bags, etc. That said, I don't think it would have cost more to print something a bit nicer on the t-shirts, rather than 'Individual 2009'.

John Desmond said...

"I don't think it would have cost more to print something a bit nicer on the t-shirts, rather than 'Individual 2009'.".........the full Marathon T-shirts this year were supplied by the main sponsor, Bord Gais. It's pretty obvious that they went with the cheapest option. There is no comparison between that one and the 2007/8 T-Shirts.

Anonymous said...

I ran the Clare people 10K last year , it only cost 15 euro to enter.We got a fruit of the loom T-shirt with print on the back & front and a nice medal.
The T-shirt we got this year in Cork was a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Well at last the tshirt issue is raised to say they are bad is an understatment for the price of entry the effort we go to and to advertise our own marathon the least we could get is a decent shirt but as usual the organisers/sponsors dont listen