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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cork City Marathon 2009 - 2nd Leg of Relay Stage (5.5 Miles)...
Just to put this leg into perspective, there are 5 stages in the Cork City Marathon Relay event...Leg 1 = 5.2 miles, Leg 2 = 5.5 miles, Leg 3 = 3.2 miles, Leg 4 = 5.9 miles, Leg 5 = 6.4 Miles

So this is the 2nd stage of 5 and is 5.5 miles in lenght. Of the 5, it is probably the 3rd easiest leg or 3rd hardest whichever way you want to look at it! For Marathon runners, this stage starts just after the 5 mile mark at 5.2 miles between the skew bridge and Silversprings hotel on the Lower Glanmire road. For Relay runners, the mile markers for this stage will be for the Marathon. Since you are starting at 5.2 miles, the 6, 7 & 8 mile markers will be 0.8, 1.8, 2.8 miles and so on.

Course...Leg 2
Mile 6.
It starts just before the skew bridge with a slight pull over the bridge, down the other side and then join the new Relay runners. Past the Silversprings Hotel and you head East towards the tunnel on the right hand side of the road. About half way along the road between the Hotel and the Dunketle roundabout, you'll come to the 6 mile mark. Another pretty easy and flat mile. Near the 6 mile mark, there should be a water station with bottles of water. If you are doing the Marathon, you need to be thinking about taking on water at this stage. If you are a Relay runner and you need water at this stage, you must be in a bad state!
Mile 7.
Carry on to the roundabout, through it and now there is a gradual climb up the slip road before it flattens out and then falls towards the tunnel entrance. The 7 mile mark is here. A reasonable mile although you will have encountered your first real pull and effort. Overall, the first 7 miles of the Marathon are pretty flat and easy. Things get 'interesting' from here on.
Mile 8.
Round the corner and down into the Jack Lynch tunnel under the River Lee. Now is not a good time to start thinking about the few hundred metric tons of water above your head and start looking for leaks ;o) .

Down you go into the bowels of the Earth for about half a mile until you hit the low point and then you have to start the long pull back out again. As you emerge back into the daylight, the road continues upwards and slowly the incline becomes more gradual until you reach the 8 mile mark. A tough enough mile, half a mile of downhill running, half a mile of uphill runnning and a mile you won't forget.
Mile 9.
The first half mile along the South Ring Road is flat and easy. Then you take the right up the steep slip road for Mahon Point. This is the steepest section so far in the race. Then it flattens out and falls slowly towards the entrance to Mahon Point and the 9 mile mark. So, a reasonable mile with a steep climb in the middle.
Mile 10.
Starts with a long half a mile climb all the ways to the CSO office. Nothing serious but uphill all the same. Then right around the corner by the CSO office and on to the Skehard Road. Along this section, you come to the next water station. Then the road falls slowly downhill and take the next right into a housing estate and the 10 mile mark. A reasonable mile with a moderate pull initially.
Mile 11.
Out of the estate, then left, a flat section and then left again on to Ringmahon Road. This section is dead flat and soon you'll see the mass of runners eagerly waiting at the 2nd Relay changeover point at about 10.7 miles (..or 5.5 miles for Relay runners doing only the 2nd leg).

For Marathon runners and Relay runners just starting, it's right at the next junction and head towards Blackrock Castle. The 11 mile mark is about 500 metres after the Relay changeover point. A flat and easy mile.

So that's the 2nd leg. It was 5.5 miles in lenght and there were plenty of sections where you had to put in a bit of extra effort.

If you would like to examine this leg in more detail, I have put it up on the MapMyRun website. Just use the MAP view and the +/- buttons to zoon in and out.

Tomorrow, I'll look at the 3rd leg.

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