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Friday, May 29, 2009

Charity 'C Team' in the Cork City Marathon Relay...
Many of you will know doubt know that John Quigley of Eagle AC went through a serious illness last year. Now 12 months later, he is running in the Cork City Marathon Relay with a special team of cancer survivors next Monday. You might read his message below and consider donating to this very worthwhile effort.

The C Team - Cancer Survivors is a very special and unique relay team. Each of the members is a survivor of cancer. The team members are: Dan Byrne, Oesophegeal Cancer Joe Deane, Testicular Cancer Joe Dineen, Prostate Cancer John Quigley, Prostate Cancer John Ryan, Testicular Cancer
Photo: Front: Joe Deane & John Quigley; Rear: John Ryan, Joe Dineen & Dan Byrne

I've opened two pages on, raising sponsorship for two charities ARC House in Cork and the Irish Cancer Society.

Arc House:

Alternatively I also accept cash!!

The primary aims of the group are:
1) To raise the profile and awareness of cancer survivors. We're still here and getting on with life. (It may not be easy, but, hey, we're dealing with it!)
2) To show those facing cancer, whether diagnosed or supporting someone who is dealing with cancer, that we’re getting on with life… and they can too
3) To make contact with other cancer survivors who might join with us in future events and finally
4) (Maybe) raise a bit of money, though this is not a core aim.

Many thanks in advance for your support........John Quigley, Eagle AC


John Quigley said...

Hi John,
C Team - Cancer Survivors is having a photocall at 8:15 on Monday morning, at the City Hall (river side).

There are many other cancer survivors who are running either the full marathon or doing the relay on other teams. We'd be delighted if any of these would like to join us for the photos.

Anonymous said...

can I wish the C-team the best of luck on Monday, it is a fantastic 'statement of intent' on their behalf, and I wish them all well in their recovery. Mighty men.

Anonymous said...

John is a legend & gentleman