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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Days......Cork City Marathon 2008
Now for a treat! The organisers of the Cork City Marathon have put a nice 10 minute video of the 2008 Cork City Marathon up on YouTube. It's not just about the winners of the race but has shots from different sections of the race.

One thing you'll notice about it is how dull and overcast it was when the race was in Silversprings and how the sun was shining by the time some of the slower runners had reached Mahon......and you can see that the heat is beginning to take it's toll.

There are some nice shots of the finish as well........with a few of the 'well known' faces delighted at running their fastest Marathon ever.



Gráinne Lynch said...

Excellent video!

Catherine Carroll said...

It's brill, all excited for June 09 now!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic video clip. Great to see all the well known faces in Cork road running through-out the course & especially the delight crossing the finish line....!!