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Friday, May 09, 2008

Results of the Cork BHAA 'Pfizers' 6 mile road race - Thurs 8th May 2008
The 25th running of the Pfizers 6 mile road race took place in Ringaskiddy on a very dull, damp and dreary evening. Perhaps not the nicest of evenings but the conditions for running very pretty good....nice and cool. I was expecting the numbers to be down with the weather but in fact, they seemed to get a very good turnout. It's make you wonder how bad do conditions have to get before people stop turning up for a race!!

Results... (Updated Mon 12th May)
The results can be found at this LINK.

Pat O'Driscoll of Pfizers and Eagle AC was out and about with his camera during the race. He has put 190 photos up on the Eagle AC Website.

What about that photo up top of John looks like it is screaming out for a suitable caption!! Any offers..??

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