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Friday, May 30, 2008

Cork City Marathon - A quick review of the route and the water stations...
If you have been following the reviews of each stage over the last 5 days, you should have a good idea of the route by now. For anyone doing the full Marathon, it might be useful to take an overall look at the route and where the water stations are located.
If you click on the map above, you should be able to see it in more detail. Each of the water stations are shown with their approximate location.

Here is why it matters...
Water stations with just cups of water. It is very difficult to drink while you are running. If you are trying to break a certain time for the Marathon, you really don't want to stop just to drink water. At best, you'll get a mouthful.

B = Bottled water. The huge advantage with these is that they are a lot easier to drink out of while you are running. You can carry the bottle with you and sip away from it which is the best thing you can do. By drinking small amounts at a time, it's less likely you will have to stop for a 'pit stop' later. Think of it like using a hose in a garden. Turn it on full blast and half of the water runs off. Turn it down to low and the water has time to soak in. Your body behaves in exactly the same way.

G = Gatorade. This should give give you an extra energy boost just when you need it. Alas, it's in cups. Unless you stop, all you are going to get is a mouthful and that's assuming you don't spill it all over your hands and singlet. Last year, they had Lucozade Sports sachets which were great, you could just hold them up to your mouth and squeeze. Believe me, if you stop at 22 miles to drink a cup of Gatorade, your legs are likely to seize up and it will be hell to start running again. Honestly, don't depend on these Gatorade stations. Consider bringing some Power Gels with you or get someone out along the course to have a bottle ready for you.

If you want to look at the overall Marathon course, I have put it up on the MapMyRun website.

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