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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Preview of the Cork BHAA 'IPS/Garda' 5km road race - Thurs 16th May (8pm)
This 5km road race take place next Thursday evening, just 1 week after the Pfizers 6 mile race and over some of the same circuit.
The sign on is the Pfizers Sports Hall, the same spot as the 6 mile race last week. If you missed that one and are not sure as to where to go, then follow these directions. From Cork, take the main road for the Car Ferry and Ringaskiddy. As you go through Shanbally, you will pass through a small roundabout. About 400 metres later, you'll see the first turn off to the left. Take this and there will be stewards there directing you where to park. The cost of entry is €5 for registered runners and€7 for non-registered.
The start is between the entrance to the sports complex and the village of Shanbally. Just after the start, it's a bit chaotic as everyone takes the left at the roundabout and the field is still bunched. Then the road straightens out and you go up a slight uphill section, nothing serious but enough to put anyone starting too fast into oxygen debt. Then a sharp left, a sharp right, a long straight section with a steep drop at the end to the 1 mile mark near the road junction. The start of the 2nd mile starts with a short uphill section to the entrance of Novartis. Then, the going is pretty flat until there is a sharp drop down to the 2 mile mark near the road junction near Ringaskiddy. The section from the 2 mile mark to the finish is probably the hardest. It's a long section going up a gentle hill all the way. The finish is just outside the Sports complex.
It's probably not the fastest of 5km course with the number of climbs along the route. However, none of the hills are that serious so your times won't be out that much.
If you want to have a closer look at the course, I have put it up on the MapMyRun website.

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