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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Eagle AC buy new Defibrillator...
I see that Eagle Athletic Club have recently bought a new Defibrillator costing €1,750. The following message was on the Eagle website...

"Eagle has taken possession of a defibrillator for the Club. This unit cost €1750, including VAT but a very significant portion of the cost was covered very generously by an Eagle club member who wishes to remain anonymous. While the practicalities have yet to be worked out, the Club intend deploying the unit at its track training sessions and also at many of its informal training sessions, e.g. Sunday mornings at the Farm. Eagle would also hope to bring it to many races organised by others, just to be on hand if required. The Club also hopes to make the unit available to the AAI County Board for many of that organisation’s events. We fervently hope that the unit never has to be used “in anger” but the fact that eagle now has its own unit goes a long way in the Club’s efforts to minimise Health & Safety at athletic events involving the Club. On behalf of the Club, I would like to express our profound gratitude to the donor of the defibrillator....John Quigley, Chairman Eagle Athletic Club"

This unit has a bit of a history behind it in that it all started when a local runner had to be revived with a debrillator unit back in 5km race in Cobh last August. Since then, John Quigley has been instrumental in organising debrillator courses locally with others like Terry Higgins of Pfizers working behind the scenes as well. So much so, that at present, there are a pool of local runners who have now been fully trained in the use of these units. Hopefully, we'll see a few more units appearing in the other running clubs and organisations soon.

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