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Monday, March 11, 2024

Mardyke track shut down with immediate effect due to safety concerns

UCC have announced that they are shutting down the 400m athletics track at the Mardyke with immediate effect. They reason they give is due to "rapid and significant deterioration of the track".

Part of the UCC statement reads: “Following an urgent inspection this morning with our Building and Estates team and outside experts and professional advisers and track repair companies I have had to take the decision to close the UCC Athletics track for health and safety and reasons, with immediate effect.

“We have been keeping the track under close operational review with ongoing repairs over the past year years. However there has been a rapid and significant deterioration in the last three-four weeks. 

"There are now over 15 full rips down to the underlying surface and perhaps up to 20 per cent of the track with large bubbles on it – which will lead to further tears.

“We were advised by Sports Lab to cut away all rips and bubbles but on looking further at this we all agreed that the scale of cutting would be too high to sustain our operations safely.

“We cannot allow students/staff and external users continue to use the tack in such conditions. 

"The underlying surface is very wet and slippery and cannot be repaired at this time. The scale of the repairs is such that the full track will probably need replacing in the right weather conditions.” 

They make no comment as to whether the '15 full rips' were due to general wear and tear or to other factors. 

Looking at an old post on the blog, the existing track surface is there from late 2012.

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