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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Cork 250 parkrun Club - Q1 2024

The parkrun organisation have a number of milestones from 25 to 500 parkruns. The thing about milestones is that they are open to everyone and anyone can aspire to reach a certain level.

A number of people have recently passed the 250 mark and it's a significant achievement as it takes at least five years to complete. At the end of 2023, I compiled a list of runners and volunteers in Co Cork who have passed the magic figure. Post HERE

As my first attempt, there were of course some omissions and thanks to all those who sent on updates and corrections.


Cork 250 Rules... As with any list, there must be some sort of guideline or rules. The criteria I went with were simple...

  1. At least 100 of the 5k parkruns must be in Co Cork
  2. Only the information on the parkrun website counts
I'm sure there are plenty of people in Dublin and elsewhere who over 250 but this post is about the parkruns in Cork.


Cork 250 parkrun Club - Q1 2024... Here is the updated list of people who have done 250 or more parkruns in Cork as of the end of March 2024...

The list has increased from 20 to 27 and as can be seen, the big hitters are regulars at the Bere Island and Macroom events. They're still just over 120 shy of the 500 milestone mark so the earliest anyone can reach that target is probably late 2026.

This is the list of volunteers who have 250 or more credits... 

Again, Bere Island is very much to the fore with the volunteer list. Volunteers are literally the glue that keep the parkruns going week after week... no volunteers - no parkruns.

Errors & Omissions... This edition should be a lot more comprehensive than the initial one three months ago. If you know of any runner of volunteer missing who might at 250 or more, leave a comment with their name and parkrun.

Link... More information about the 5k parkruns in Co Cork can be found HERE

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Jim said...

There's a case to be made for non- running volunteers to get extra recognition.