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Thursday, February 08, 2024

NTA announce 2024 Grant Allocations...Feb 2024

Earlier this week, the National Transport Authority announced a slew of allocations for 'Active Travel' schemes throughout the country. I have listed some of the ones for Cork City and County below.

Some of the grants seem to be for projects that are already in existence but there are a few interesting ones in the pipeline as well. Some of these 'Active Travel' schemes are for cyclists but many include pedestrians and of course runners.

Active Travel Investment Grants: 2024 Allocations

Cork City...

Project Code Project Name 2024 Allocation

CCC/19/0009 Grange Road to Tramore Valley Park 800,000 €
CCC/19/0010 Ballybrack Valley Pedestrian & Cycle Track (Phase 4) 700,000 €
CCC/20/0006 Glanmire Cycle and pedestrian improvements 200,000 €
CCC/20/0009 Passage Greenway (Ph. 2 from Mahon to Passage-west) 100,000 €
CCC/20/0025 Dunkettle Road - Active Travel Scheme - Phase 1 100,000 €
CCC/21/0005 Marina Promenade Pedestrian and Cycle facilities 4,200,000 €
CCC/21/0007 Lee to Sea Cycle Route Study 100,000 €
CCC/21/0008 Viaduct to City Cycle Route Phase 1 (Viaduct to Kinsale Road) 200,000 €
CCC/21/0021 Douglas to Grange Bridge Cycle Route 50,000
CCC/21/0022 Kilcully & Upper Glanmire Pedestrian Improvement Scheme 1,200,000 €
CCC/21/0024 Ringmahon Active Travel Infrastructure 4,500,000 €
CCC/22/0006 Maglin Greenway Phase 1 50,000 €
CCC/22/0008 Sarsfield Road to MTU Pedestrian and Cycle Scheme 70,000 €
CCC/22/0007 Glanmire to City Centre Phase 2 Cycle Scheme (Dunkettle to City) 400,000 €
CCC/22/0009 Sarsfield Rd to Clashduv Rd Cycle link 50,000 €
CCC/22/0011 Bessboro to Mahon - Pedestrian and Cycle Scheme 50,000 €
CCC/22/0012 Kinsale Rd to Tramore Valley Park - Pedestrian and Cycle Connection 50,000 €
CCC/22/0016 Model Farm Road Bridge 100,000 €
CCC/23/0021 Nashs Boreen ATS 50,000 €
CCC/23/0027 Curaheen Road Pedestrian and Cycle scheme 100,000 €

Some notes... 

The project to widen the Greenway from Mahon to Passage West should hopefully be starting this year? Planning documents and public notices for this project were announced some time back.

€4.2 million is to be spent on the 'Marina Promenade' which should transform the area. Once this is completed, there is potential for a new parkrun here be it a 5k for adults or a 2km one for kids.

A 'Lee to Sea' route going to Inniscarra dam to Cork harbour has long been talked about. The €100k here is probably for a study and route selection.

€50k is allocated for the a link from the Tramore Valley Park to the Kinsale road. This is likely to be a study and how feasible is it.

€200k has been allocated for the new greenway from the Chetwynd Viaduct to the Kinsale Road roundabout. It's not clear whether this is for the section from the Chetwynd reservoir to the roundabout which has planning or whether it's for the remaining stretch to the viaduct?

Cork County...

CCO/20/0004 Dunkettle - Carrigtwohill (old N25) - Phase 2 - Dunkettle to Glanmire 110,000 €
CCO/21/0001 Cobh Ferry to Train Station Cycle Route 70,000 €
CCO/22/0002 Dunkettle - Carrigtwohill (old N25) - Phase 3 - Dunkettle to Fitzpatricks (Active Travel Pathfinder) € 450,000
CCO/22/0004 Ballinacurra - Midleton Pedestrian and Cycle Route (Phase 1 Ballyanne woods Car Park to Broderick St) € 600,000
CCO/22/0005 Carrigaline - Ringaskiddy and Passage (Phase 1 Rafeen to Passage) 2,010,000 €
CCO/22/0006 Little Island - Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge 30,000 €
CCO/22/0011 Bóthar Guidel Bridge 1,130,000 €
CCO/22/0012 Dunkettle - Carrigtwohill (old N25) - Phase 4 - Railway Crossing to Carrigtwohill Station € 2,270,000
CCO/23/0009 Carrigtwohill to Midleton - Phase 2 (Active Travel Pathfinder) 150,000 €
CCO/23/0011 Carrigtwohill to Midleton - Phase 1 (Active Travel Pathfinder) 2,390,000 €
CCO/23/0014 Carrigaline - Ringaskiddy and Passage (Phase 2 Raffeen to Carrigaline) 150,000 €
CCO/23/0032 Ballinacurra to Midleton (Phase 2-5) 2,780,000

Some notes...
One major announcement here seems to  be €2 million for the greenway from Passage West to Raffeen.  This is a significant step and the next step after this will be to complete the greenway all of the way to Carrigaline. €150k is going to be spent on this second phase and is likely to come after the M28 is built.

The other big ones are the various grants for the proposed greenway from Carrigtwohill to Midleton. Once the docklands in Cork City are redeveloped, there should be a greenway all of the way from Cork City to Youghal.


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