Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the John Tracey Dungarvan 10-mile road race - Sun 4th Feb 2024

Sunday, February 04, 2024

Results & Photos of the John Tracey Dungarvan 10-mile road race - Sun 4th Feb 2024

Conditions were pretty much ideal for this years 10-mile road race in Dungarvan with mild dry weather. A total of 2835 runners crossed the finish line.

Loads of photos to follow but in the meantime, here are the results.

Top 10 men & women...

1 Oisín SPILLANE 51:57 2066 M MS Ennis Track Club
2 John KINSELLA 52:01 2077 M M40 Bilboa A.C.
3 Ieuan HOPKINS 52:32 30 M MS Brothers Pearse A.C.
4 Eddie O'CONNOR 52:44 255 M MS Brothers Pearse A.C.
5 Pat FITZGERALD 52:56 579 M MS Waterford A.C.
6 Mossy BRACKEN 53:27 232 M MS Moycarkey Coolcroo A.C.
7 Dermot GORMAN 54:22 554 M M40 Carrick-On-Suir A.C.
8 Trevor POWER 55:02 757 M M40 Waterford A.C.
9 John MEADE 55:14 1318 M M45 St. Finbarrs A.C.
10 Vivian FOLEY 55:16 462 M M50 Eagle A.C.
1 Ciara WILSON 59:15 4400 F FS DMP A.C.
2 Sally FORRISTAL 1:00:11 3388 F FS St. Joseph's A.C.
3 Cristin SCOLLARD 1:00:14 4018 F FS Dublin City Harriers A.C.
4 Dee GRADY 1:01:19 4351 F F35 Ennis Track A.C.
5 Noémie LEDUC 1:02:10 3582 F FS Grange Fermoy A.C.
6 Catherine MURPHY 1:02:39 3192 F F45 Eagle A.C.
7 Emma FUREY 1:02:45 3575 F F35 St. L. O'Toole A.C.
8 Evelyn TWOMEY 1:02:46 4376 F FS
9 Adele WALSH 1:02:46 3518 F F45 St. Senans A.C.
10 Nollaigh O'NEILL 1:03:37 4225 F F50

Full results HERE

Photos... Updated 6th Feb at 16:30

1) I took just under 1500 photos and they're up on the Running in Cork Facebook page

a) Pre-race 

b) Just after start 1 of 3 c) Just after start 2 of 3 d) Just after start 3 of 3

e) 400m to go 52:00 to 60:30 f) 400m to go 60:30 to 64:00 g) 400m to go 64:00 to 67:00

h) 400m to go 67:00 to 70:00 i) 400m to go 70:00 to 72:00 j) 400m to go 72:00 to 74:00

k) 400m to go 74:00 to 76:00 l) 400m to go 76:00 to 78:00 m) 400m to go 78:00 to 80:00

n) 400m to go 80:00 to 82:00 o) 400m to go 82:00 to 84:00 p) 400m to go 84:00 to 87:00

q) 400m to go 87:00 to 89:00 r) 400m to go 89:00 to 91:00 s) 400m to go 91:00 to 94:00

t) 400m to go 94:00 to 96:00 - That's the end of the photos as the card in the camera was full.

2) Sportsphoto Ireland has some great finishing photos in this album.

3) Maurice Cronin Photography has a nice album HERE

4) Mick Dooley has some pre-race photos HERE and some post race photos HERE 

5) Eddie Dee has one great aerial photo of the start HERE

6) DC Images as always has some great photos HERE

7) Adam Bending has 3 nice galleries... Album 1 ... Album 2 ... Album 3 

8) John Troy has a nice album HERE

9) Andy O'Rourke Photography has several albums... Pre-race 1 ... Pre-race 2 ... Early in race ... Finish 1 ... Finish 2 ...

Anthony Foley has an excellent video with an aerial view of the start of the race...


Rob K said...

First time running this in this event, it was very well organised event, plenty of marshalls and local support. That hill though... 🥵

Anonymous said...

Great event and the wind was nice to have at your back at the end! Thanks to all the volunteers and John for all the photos

Anonymous said...

A truely fantastic event. Well done to all involved in organising a great day . You have the best volunteers

JK said...

At the start of the race my wife and her friend and a number of other people were invited in to a house near the start line to use the their loos , even their upstairs one!! What a gesture and consistent with how well supported the race actually was. I haven't ever seen crowds like that , the 80 minute pacers were brilliant

Anonymous said...

Super race but feel sorry for the people doing the cleanup. The amount of people I saw throw gel wrappers in bushes and on random parts of the road. They are carrying a full one all along, what difference does it make to carry an empty one to the next water stop or to the finish. Disgrace really, have some respect for the environment and the people who have to go and clean up after you

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone need to use a gel in a ten mile race in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Would it be worth putting up a standalone post on this blog advising people to take responsibility for their litter or to take a poll on people's view of litter at race?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic run. Brilliantly organised. One man pushing a buggy in the crowded start was dangerous. Are buggies allowed?

Anonymous said...

First time running this event, great set up; loved the day out.

Echo the points above about the littering. I think dumping your water bottle on the verge, or near a collection point is within reason becuase it is understood there will be a cleanup operation, but I saw one Youghal AC member fire his bottle as far into the ditch as possible, between mile 6 and 7. I just don't understand the logic? Surely it's common sense not to litter like that? But I guess not.

And credit to the organisers, I was passing along the route later in the day and there was one guy driving by himself hopping out collecting gel wrappers etc.

Looking forward to next year.

Anonymous said...

Great race, Great history. The best 10 mile race in the country.