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Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Vernon Mount Greenway finally opens - 1st Nov 2023

After what seems like an eternity, the new Greenway connecting Frankfield & Grange to the Tramore Valley Park has finally opened.

The new path is about 1km in length and goes from the church in Frankfield to the southern entry point for the Tramore Valley Park.

This is a photo taken on the 1st of November 2023 showing the new ramp up to the bridge and a signpost.

The surface of the ramp and the bridge over the South Ring Road has a rough texture which be vital in icy weather when tarmac is like glass.

The path up to Frankfield as a nice smooth tarmac finish with some gentle curves. The gradient is modest and nothing worse than many other hills around the city.

Close to the Frankfield end, the path splits into two options. In the photo shown above, there is a series of steps on the left and on the right, there is a more gradual gradient with several switchbacks.

The photo above shows the other end of the steps looking towards the Tramore Valley Park. 

This photo gives a nice overview of the two paths.

The photo above shows the entrance of the walk on the Grange Road. This is directly across from the church in Frankfield and was an area known as the Donkey Field.

Options... On the south side of the Vernon Mount Bridge, there is also a new entrance from the Alden Grove estate.

This should give a few more route options.

In Summary... The Tramore Valley Park is now a major recreation area in the city and this new Greenway improves access. It should give runners a few more route options around the city.

At the time of writing, the Council is working on a small car park at the start of the Greenway in Frankfield and this may be another option for runners on a Saturday morning going to the local parkrun.


Anonymous said...

Do you know why the sign says "cycle steps"? I would have thought you cycle on the bypass track, not on the steps?

Anonymous said...

There is a track on the side of the steps, into which you put the bike wheels, so you can walk up with bike as an option to bypass way.

Anonymous said...

They have a little rail down the side of the steps that you push your bike. I've seen them on the Continent. I think that is what they mean.