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Saturday, November 18, 2023

Guest Post: PWR ...Pat Walsh

 ** PWR **

And the question is, have I disappeared of the face of the earth? No

Have I been kidnapped and taken to an alien planet? No

Am I still in love with running? Yes

Does running still love me? I hope so

Will I ever race again? Yes

Folks lots going on and I took a little break / hiatus from running and posting. Life, family, other interests get thrown in the mix. Couple of slight injuries and impending old age are no help either.

I’m fine. (and thanks for a few lovely messages enquiring xx). I have cut back running a little but also have thrown myself into some other passions. 

Personal info, I’m from Castlemartyr Village in County Cork and I have been part of a Committee to help celebrate a 100 years of GAA in the village. 1924 – 2024. My Dad was an officer for more than 50 years when he died a few years ago so I am proud to help. Running is important but GAA is in the blood.

It was a welcome distraction. The body cannot operate for 12 months of the year at full throttle. You need up times and down times if you want to stay running long term. Up can be hard training and racing while down can be slow easy jogs, some stretching and generally being easy on yourself. 

I’m hoping to finish the year with Beat the Train 10 mile and Waterford Half Marathon to just keep the body in action. The Christmas indulgence can then be tackled without a major guilt trip. But I stress, the body isn’t ready for racing so they can be treated as a distance run with lots of company. Keep an eye on the back markers.

If you can empathise with any of this then I’m happy. I want to show you we cannot be Duracell Bunnies all the time. Fluctuations in energy and mood is natural and learning to read it and adapt it for yourself is crucial.

What will next Year bring? No idea..... but that last few Years have thought me not to over plan it, just live it.

Keep the faith


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