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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Urban Greenway planned between Waterford City and Tramore

It has just been announced that a new 'Urban Greenway' is planned to run from Waterford City to Tramore on the south coast. This new route which should be around 12kms long will officially be called the ‘The Tramore-Waterford Urban Greenway’.

Differing from traditional Greenways, Urban Greenways are implemented onto an existing road, as opposed to disused railway lines or in traffic-free zones. Under the plans, barriers would be installed, separating cyclists and motorists.

Planning processes and public consultations will take place in 2024, with plans to begin construction in early 2025.

Anyone who took part in the Waterford marathon or Half-marathon about 10 years ago will remember using this road to Tramore and back as part of the route. At the time, it was a case of running mostly in a hard shoulder while the traffic whizzed past.

Eventually the routes migrated onto the Waterford City to Kilmeaden Greenway which is probably safer and quieter option and I'm sure there was probably some pressure as well to get the races off this busy road.

Once this new Greenway to Tramore is open, it might open up a few more route options for races and for training. It may not be the quietest or the most scenic but at least it should be safe.

Are there roads in Cork that could get a similar treatment and have an 'Urban Greenway' alongside them???

Approx route for the new 'Urban Greenway'

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