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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Cork clubs fail to turn out for Munster Cross Country - Nov 2023

I usually don't bother with cross country races as there isn't much interest in them. However, someone sent me an email to draw my attention to the Munster Intermediate Cross Country Championships which were held last Sunday.

Normally these Munster XC events are reasonably small events and it's normal for say 3 to 4 of the 6 Munster counties to appear in the adult races. Usually, they're made up mainly of runners from the host county with a smattering from the other counties.

This year, the Munster Intermediate Cross Country Championships were held near Riverstick in Co Cork. Results HERE

In the women's race, there were just 18 participants from all of Munster. Despite the fact that Cork was hosting the event, not one single club from Cork City or County managed to field a team of 4 women.

Clonmel AC and Ennis Track managed to fill the Gold and Silver team positions with no team finishing 3rd for Bronze.

The person that sent me the email noted that the Cork Athletics Board have spent well in excess of €300,000 for a dedicated cross country course that grows grass for silage for most of the year. When there is an event on, they can't even get the local clubs to turn out to support it.

Imagine if that money had been used instead to help develop proper track facilities around the county by way of grants. There have been quite a number of new 400m tracks around the country being completed which can be used by adults and children all year round.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that the €300,000 could have been much better spent however I think its only fair to point out that it is mainly children who run cross country (which is much better for them than running on roads) and there were well over 500 kids that ran on the day also.

Anonymous said...

The problem lies in the text above: "I usually don't bother with cross country races as there isn't much interest in them."
If there was more coverage there might be more adults taking part! Plenty of participation in the underage divisions.

Also didn't help that there was a major 4 mile race in Glenville on the same day, there should be more thought out in to granting permits for races that directly compete with championship events.

Anonymous said...

You seem to forget about the juvenile races. That is where the numbers are. The intermediate also doesn't seem to attract numbers for some reason. But to say there is no interest is inaccurate

John Desmond said...

Points taken but it still doesn't change the fact that not a single club in Cork could field a women's team.

It's not Leitrim or Carlow, it's Cork, the 2nd largest county in terms of Athletics Ireland membership.

Anonymous said...

If they teamed up with the BHAA and put more cross-country races on the BHAA calendar, both parties and all the runners could benefit

Alex Moreno said...

It's been that way for a while, I think they should have the adult races on before the Juvenile races, nearly everyone is gone home by the time the Senior races start