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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Results & Photos of the Charleville Half-Marathon - Sun 25th Sept 2022

Jonathan Escalante-Phillips wins the 2022 Charleville Half-Marathon in a time of 1h 06m 21s, just ahead of Sergiu Ciobanu of Clonliffe Harriers

Conditions were pretty much ideal for this years Charleville Half-Marathon with overcast skies, cool temperatures and a light breeze.

Top 10 men & women...

1 Jonathan ESCALANTE-PHILLIPS 01:06:21 01:06:21 6 M MS
2 Sergiu CIOBANU 01:06:24 01:06:24 3 M MS Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
3 Josh O'SULLIVAN-HOURIHAN 01:07:04 01:07:04 730 M MS Donore Harriers
4 Mick CLOHISEY 01:07:57 01:07:57 1 M MS Raheny Shamrock A.C.
5 Sean DOYLE 01:09:26 01:09:26 5 M MS North Cork A.C.
6 John MCKEOGH 01:10:26 01:10:26 513 M MS
7 Jeremy O'DONOVAN 01:10:54 01:10:54 652 M M45 St. Finbarrs A.C.
8 John MEADE 01:11:38 01:11:38 982 M M40 St. Finbarrs A.C.
9 Myles GIBBONS 01:11:52 01:11:52 908 M M45 Sliabh Bhuide Rovers A.C.
10 Dermot GORMAN 01:12:36 01:12:36 909 M M40 Carrick-on-Suir A.C.
21 Shona HEASLIP 01:15:04 01:15:04 8 F FS An Ríocht A.C.
58 Niamh MOORE 01:20:37 01:20:39 551 F FS Leevale A.C.
86 Lorna WOLFE 01:23:26 01:23:26 867 F FS Leevale A.C.
91 Aoife MAHONY 01:24:03 01:24:04 477 F F40 Eagle A.C.
93 Neasa DE BURCA 01:24:10 01:24:11 190 F F45 Galway City Harriers A.C.
94 Niamh CRONIN 01:24:11 01:24:15 167 F F45 St. Finbarrs A.C.
95 Amy POLLMANN-DAAMEN 01:24:20 01:24:20 744 F FS An Ríocht A.C.
106 Caroline HASSETT 01:24:38 01:24:43 310 F F40 Templemore A.C.
108 Joyce WOLFE 01:24:44 01:24:44 868 F F40 Leevale A.C.
122 Deirdre GIBBONS 01:26:08 01:26:08 281 F F40 Galway City Harriers A.C.

Shona Heaslip of An Ríoocht AC in Kerry was the first woman home in a time of 75m 04s

Full results HERE


1) There are lots of photos on the Running in Cork Facebook page...

2) Mick Dooley has a nice album HERE


Start of the 2022 Charleville Half-Marathon


Anonymous said...

Great event. Well run as always. Some of the pacing was poor but minor quibble

Anonymous said...

Yep. Great organisation, enjoyed the course and a super spread afterwards. As one of the sloggers down the back the pacers were a fair bit ahead of the target time but it’s possibly tricky to gauge when it’s at 5 minute intervals.

All forgotten when the sandwich trays were raided!

Anonymous said...

Great event but the pacers at the slower end were poor. No reflection on the organisers. Best half in the country. Shame its not a marathon and more races aren't organised up there

Anonymous said...

Great event, but have to agree with previous comments some pacers were way off.

Anonymous said...

Poor traffic management around Kilmallock, driving from that side with two young kids without realising this event was on with no proper diversion signs, something to improve on but know these events depend on voluntary support, just some feedback.