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Monday, September 12, 2022

Guest Post: Rest and Recovery Pat Walsh

 ** Rest and Recovery **

This popped up as a memory today, as something I posted a few years ago for the Marathon crew or anyone training long distances. I thought it might be worth a re-post.

If you are reading for the first time hope you get something from it. If you read it before then no harm reminding yourself of basic advise.


Now that the weekly mileage is high, then rest and recovery was never so important.

The body is tired from the Long Runs but you need to concentrate on recovery so you are ready to do it all again next week. After your run get the stretches done as it does help restore the muscles to their normal state. If you don’t do them straight after a run then set aside some time later in the day.

I personally find that finishing my run at least 400M from the car and strolling helps the body settle down rather than come to an abrupt stop. 

Rehydrate as best you can with loads if water and any other drinks that help. Eat well, nibble away on quality food and snacks to refuel the muscles. A nice easy walk later in the day can also be of benefit.

Try if you can to get a little Nap or rest during the day. Only a few weeks left, so call in any favours you can and get your lie down time -- even if only for 20mins. It does wonders to help the body relax and calm down after a long run. A bath will help also if you can find the time. If you can, throw some Epsom Salts into the bath for extra comfort. If you have any lotions or creams to help relieve tiredness and stiffness, now is the time to use them.

Anyone suffering with tight calves and worried about cramp, I personally find that putting on the
compression socks for a few hours after the run is helpful. Some runners wear them while running, I find them uncomfortable, but I do think they help in the hours afterwards.

After the run, the body is depleted of energy and reserves are low. Eat well, get some protein through meat, chicken, nuts, eggs. If you can’t eat a big meal and that happens to a lot of people, then nibble away for a few hours. Sweet snacks might seem like a treat and well deserved but try to get the quality food in as well.

Week nights, turn off the TV, switch of the smartphone and just go to bed. We are not professionals and have our lives to live day to day, with all the work and domestic duties that this brings. Once you get a chance GO TO BED. 

Thrown on the couch watching TV is not the same thing. 

If you have any ache or pain then now is the time to get them looked at before anything major develops. Even if all is good then treat yourself to a good leg rub down to loosen the muscles and help rid them of lactic acid build up. 

Many thanks for all recent kind comments. It is all my own thoughts / ramblings and of course they are many other ways and opinions. The best you can do is to read everything and educate yourself for what suits you best.

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