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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Guest Post: The Toughest Pat Walsh

 ** The Toughest ** 

For those training for the Marathon in Dublin or any Autumn Marathon, these are the tough few weeks. Mileage is high so legs are sore, you are feeling tired and energy levels are low. This is the toughest period of the training and please note, you are not alone in your thoughts.

Your non-running family and friends are getting fed up with you. So what you ran 20 miles..! Next time tell them it was 32Km. That will give them something to think about.

Anything good worth achieving in life is never easy. It takes courage, resilience, mental strength and never say die attitude to get over the line. If it was simple and handy everyone would do it. They don’t….It is hard, it is normal to doubt yourself, but you are fantastic. The harder you work the happier you will be when you reach your goal. 

Look where you are:- 16,18, 20 miles done. You could only have dreamed of that a few months ago.This is where the Marathon is won or lost. Putting in the work now and the day itself can be a victory lap.

How do you help yourself?

* Only a few hard weeks left and then you will cut back and taper, This feeling of tiredness won’t go on forever.. (The Taper brings its own unique form of mental madness…!!)

* Rest rest and more rest. Allow your body to recover. Absolutely vital.

* Eat well, your car won’t run on an empty tank why do you think you can run 20 miles without proper fuel. The 2 days before a long run are key to a good run. Don’t forget recovery and drinking eating starts the minute you finish and replace all the lost energy and nutrients.

* Surround yourself with positive people and enforce and “No Moaning” rule on group runs. Yes I can do this.

* Read some books, articles on inspirational people and what motivated them. Dream BIG

* Simple one and we overlook it.—Look at others around you who have successfully done this and ask yourself / tell yourself. Are as good as any of them?  and Yes you can do it as well. 

* Don’t overthink it. Just get the next run done and keep telling yourself you can do another one. 2 to 3 weeks to go is time to focus on the Full, for the moment it is the next day that counts. 

* Don’t kill yourself completing a long run. Slow if you have to, it is more important to complete it than kill yourself and find an energy deficit for the next few weeks.

* Think of those who would love to be with you but for one reason or another they cannot . Do it for them. 

* Don’t go too hard midweek and don’t be afraid to skip a session if you are really tired or sore.

Late September is a tough time but come through this well and you will be so happy with yourself. Have a good long run and a lovely weekend.

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going,"

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