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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Guest Post: 42 Days to Dublin Pat Walsh

 ** 42 Days to Dublin **

Get the Basics right.

Yes that is all that is left to the 2022 Dublin City Marathon #DCM22. 

So where are you?

Some simple advice. Many have not run a City Marathon for a while and need reminding. Some have never ran one. Here a few items to be discussing and thinking about.

Now is the time to make a mistake, hopefully that doesn’t happen, but as long as you learn from it. 

Now is the time to take note of the good things that work. Be positive.

Have you got a few Long runs done (16ml+) and if so have you an idea of your pace and plan. Dublin has up and down bits but no major hills. So don’t be putting bad hills into your long run and making it harder than it already is. A bad hill early in a run can drain energy that you will need later to keep going. You will feel sh**e and no need for it. Missing an odd short session during the week from your plan will not harm you and the rest might even be of benefit. Domestics need to be sorted to suit YOU. Rest, recovery and re-fuelling are now as important as the training.

Be careful of speed sessions and limit your pace to something suitable to your target. Full on sprinting a few days after a long run has done lots of damage to calves and hamstrings to many runners. It has finished some.

Make one long run an actual practise for the day.  Try to eat the night before and sleep as you hope to do. Get up at the time you need and run somewhere close to your start time. Eat well and drink loads of water in the few days beforehand and wake full of energy and hydrated.

Have breakfast and then run. See what works and what needs changing. 


Do you know what fuels you will take during the run?

What are you taking and does it work for you.?

How often will you take something? 

Start early and keep taking fuel on board whatever type it is. Taking anything too late is a waste of time as it takes time to convert to available energy. "Early and often"

How much water should you take on board?

My way is to wake on the morning, fully hydrated from last few days. Only sip a little water before I start but drink away from the very first mile. This means you don’t run with a stomach full of water sloshing around and maybe toilet stops. Sip what you need from the very start and it will be used by the body and no stopping. Minimum 250ml every 5 miles but some will take more and that is good too.

Learn to relax on the run and don’t be a slave to the watch. Start slow and let the body grow into the run. Be positive, think positive. Slow the last 2 miles and finish on a 'high' , thinking you could do a few more. You can do IT.

Have you an idea of what you will wear on the day and will it cause chaffing or blisters or any discomfort. If you are running in fancy dress – lol  BEST OF LUCK. If running in a charity t-shirt, try to get it in advance and wear and wash once.

Are your trainers good enough for the last few weeks and the run itself? Still time to break in a new pair. You can throw the old pair in the Liffey afterwards but you will more than likely keep the new ones for future use. 

Maybe you have another race coming up like a half or ¾ marathon. Use that to try out your race strategy. See what works and what doesn’t. It can be difficult to hold pace in big crowds if you are not used to it, so no harm to try it out.

Make sure to continue stretching, foam-rolling or maybe a massage. Your body will thank you for it. Go for a walk, swim or any easy cycle on the rest days.

Any questions please feel free to ask or msg me. Years of mistakes has helped to generate wisdom. 

Above all else Believe in Yourself.

“Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”………. Winnie the Pooh 😄

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