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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Guest Post: Endeavour Pat Walsh

 ** Endeavour **

Definition: -- try hard to do or achieve something, -- an attempt to achieve a goal.

I was delighted with Cork Half Marathon last weekend and all the crew did great in the Half and the Full. Well actually they did as well we expected and we got results based on our training. It wasn’t easy but nothing in life that is an achievement is ever easy.

We trained as best we could last 2 years. It was difficult with solo running, limits on travel, limits on numbers in a group, fear of covid and the lack of a definite race that we could target. But we did what we could and kept going. Sometimes it was the only thing keeping us sane (relative term).

Many have fallen by the wayside but please think about starting back. Others have dropped to a little running per week with no clear goal. There may have been sound reasons why you couldn’t continue but ask yourself honestly do these conditions still exist. There is no magic bullet or shortcut to get you to the end line. You get out what you put in and in that respect running is a fair sport.

Honest Endeavour.

Pick a goal, however simple it is and work to that. Once achieved set the bar higher for faster or longer and soon you will rediscover the  - Joy of Running - . Make running a habit again and fit it into your lifestyle. Don’t resent the time it takes or how hard it is but welcome it as personal development time and embrace the health and mental benefits that will flow from it. 

I am not going to lecture or drag this post out too much. It will be hard to get back to where you were or to improve from your current level. There will be sweat, tears, aches and pains but when you go over the finish line of your goal race then it will all be worth it. 

“No endeavour is in vain: Its reward is in the doing.” Longfellow

If at this stage of the post you are thinking about a race, I have succeeded. Have a great weekend. 

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